Jan 29 2007

Weekend- It Does A Brain Good

Especially when it involves this tiny fella…

…in a hat that is about 25 years old. My little dragon!

And a shirt that’s even older-

(He’s showing you some sweet dance moves here.)

I love dressing him in silly clothes. I also had him in a dress that is about 25 years old (I wore it in a picture when I was about 2), but I didn’t take pictures of that, mostly just because I was too lazy to go out to the car to get my camera. Maybe some other time.

We put a counter offer on the house on Saturday. Now the waiting game begins again! We really want this house.

Jan 29 2007

Sci-Fi Test

Sweet- I’m ALWAYS looking for good new authors. The fact that a test paired me with her is awesome- what an interesting person. I can’t wait to read something.

I am:
James Tiptree, Jr. (Alice B. Sheldon)

In the 1970s she was perhaps the most memorable, and one of the most popular, short story writers. Her real life was as fantastic as her fiction.

Which science fiction writer are you?

Jan 26 2007

Though I’m not entirely sure why, I’ve been having a really rough day. I just realized that I have had my teeth clenched for at least the last hour- probably all afternoon. A little while ago I nearly started crying. Nobody had said anything to me, I hadn’t read anything particularly emotional, I wasn’t thinking about bad stuff. Out of nowhere I just got this urge to cry. I’m just as confused as you must be.

See, I’ve been having trouble with my hormones, I think, due to the use of birth control pills. Before I went off of them to get pregnant with Cole, I was fine using them. I never had a day of trouble with them. I L.O.V.E.D. my pills.

Now, when I’m taking them I’m a roller coaster, and when I’m not I’m on my period (a roller coaster). I’m getting sick of the ride.

I’m sure it doesn’t help that I had a baby less than 2 years ago (post-partum fuck-you-up can last at least 2 years. You know that, right?), that we moved across the country less than a year ago, that I’m not all that fond of my stupid job, that I’m constantly thinking of people I love who are going through hard/tumultuous times, and that I am working really hard to spend as much money as I probably ever will in my life by putting offers on this house. Those things don’t put a person in the best head place to begin with.

I have an appointment next Wednesday to talk about how I hatehatehate-with-pointy-daggers the pills I’m on right now and what might be done about that so that my husband will not be afraid of me any more. Because I think that would be good.

But right now, I’m sad. Not depressed- no, I wouldn’t call it that. Just sad.

I hope your weekends are wonderful and rejuvenating. I know I can use the days off.

Jan 25 2007

Here it is.

They countered. They only took $2,500 off of their asking. Even my Realtor was shocked.

Dammit- I just want a house. I’m sick of these games. Don’t these people realize they’re in a market that’s spiraling down and fast? Just today the paper from a nearby town had an article saying how the default rate has risen over 1000% from this time last year. That’s 3 zeros, not a typo!

JUST GIVE US THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 25 2007

The Hat

Hey there, gorgeous- strike a pose.

Mama, mama! That baby has my hat on! That baby who lives in your camera!

Heeeeyyy- he’s pretty good lookin’.

Bonus back shot of the hat.

Cole loves this “hat” and will wear it for a very long time. He can’t put it on by himself, though, so he brings it to us so that we can put it on for him. The hat can do no wrong. Did it fall forward and hit his nose really hard? FUN-EEE! He sometimes entertains the notion of letting us wear it for a bit, but that never lasts long.

But folks- look back at that first picture. I no longer have a toddler; I have a teenage boy who occasionally entertains his poor, ailing mother by putting a plastic salad box on his head and running around in diapers for a little while. While that sounds really disturbing said like that, I think you know what I mean.

Jan 25 2007


At every phone call.

Because I am occasionally called upon to cover for the receptionist, I hear every phone call that comes into the office.

At every phone call I look to see the phone number and rush to compare it to my Realtor’s phone number so that I can pick it up first if it’s him.

I’m making myself sick.

So let’s talk about something else!

Yes, Hannah, we plan to come to SF for the APA. YAY! John and Naomi and the kids will most likely be there too. You can listen to John P try to convince John T to come back into the philosophical fold (which I can tell you ain’t likely to happen any time soon). We will probably only have the weekend, but we’ll try to make the most of it.

If anyone else would like to come to SF for the American Philosophical Association meeting, it is the weekend of April 7-8 (and the week before, but I won’t be there).

On the clothing search front: All of your advice? Equals rockin’ awesome.

However, I live in a small town. We have no mall. We have no real department stores. We DO have a Mervyn’s, a Gottschalks, and a WalMart. Can you please tell me how I am to find a beautiful, suitable outfit for the wedding in March at these three places.

I have tried searching online, I really have! I looked at Saks and Nordstrom and even Amazon online (as well as numerous other places I will never remember the names of because they had NOTHING. NOTHING!), but it goes about like this:



What the fuck? Oh. It only costs $16.95. Wait…what? That’s $1,695.00? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

And this one too? What the hell is Donna Karen smoking? ‘Cause I don’t want ANY.

And overall: Not really appropriate; and I think I could afford a hem. Or maybe a strap.

So I’m still at a loss. I know what I’m looking for now, but I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone care to share their secret “Gettin’ Places”? March is coming up fast!

There. That did take my mind off for a second. Thanks guys.

Jan 25 2007

Oh my crappin gawd…

…I did it. I switched to beta.

I’m doomed. I just know it.

I don’t know if that means you have to update your feeds. If so, I’m SO sorry.

Still no news on the house, but my friend just found out that she is going to have a boy. So YAY there!

Jan 24 2007


We must all hold on to our pants for a while longer, my little artichokes. I too am excited, but I have no news about the house. I am itching to know what’s taking so long. Perhaps they are giving really serious consideration to our offer? Perhaps they will come back and say “Yes, yes! Take this house for which you have offered us twenty-seven-thousand, five-hundred dollars less than we were asking! We WANT you to have it!”

I live most of my life in a dream world. I know this.

From here on I am going to be a little random because there are a few things I wish to discuss with you and I don’t have time to post them all separately. Thank you for your patience.

John and I started watching Firefly last night, which is our Buffy replacement a la moment. I like it. I like the combination of the western/high-tech/Asian influences. So far I like the characters. I’m sure that I’m just falling into the stereotypes to like the plucky “Companion.” It’s a lot of fun, I’m just sorry that the run of the series was so short.

I forgot to tell y’all what happened last Saturday. You’re gonna LOVE this.

My parents, as I think you know, are living with us right now because their house is torn to shit while they remodel. My mother asked me at 9 on Saturday morning to go to a town about 1 hr 45 min away with her to look at granite for new kitchen counters. I said that I was happy to go, but that I had to take John and Cole to get haircuts that morning, but that I was free after that. She complained a little about having to wait, to which I replied “if you get tired of waiting for me and feel okay about going alone, thats fine. But I’d love to go if you want to wait.” She mentioned that they were only open from 10-2, but I knew we’d have no trouble getting there on time even if she decided to wait for me.

So I was getting ready to head out the door when I got a call. It was my dad. He told me that he was disappointed in my unwillingness to help my mother and that they had done so much for us and gone out of their way so many times and I was completely ungrateful to not do the same.

I was purely flabbergasted. I stood and stared at the phone with my mouth literally hanging open. LITERALLY. I even thought, for one second, that it was a joke (it’s the kind of joke my dad would play and think was hil-AR-ious). But it wasn’t.

I finally regained my brain and jumped in to explain that I, in fact, hadn’t refused to go, and actually was hoping to be able to go, but that we had had the haircuts planned for 2 weeks and they guys really needed them. All I wanted was an hour!

He said “but they won’t be there.”

I said “THEY ARE OPEN FROM 10-2!”

He said “Oh.”

I can just see it- my mother hated the fact that she couldn’t get exactly her way and so ran and TATTLED on me to my father, purposely LYING to him (about their hours of operation) so that her case would be stronger.


I did go to see the marble. The “discussion” was never acknowledged. I never got anything approaching an apology.


And lastly, I am once again feeling the pull of the disgusting, devilish, dangerous, and damn vile Diet Dr. Pepper. Please make it stop.

Jan 23 2007

We have heard…

Exactly nothing.

No news about the offer we put in last night.


They probably won’t accept it, but at least let us KNOW that they aren’t accepting it!

Of course, if they do accept it, I’ll kick myself for not offering less. Can you counter offer with a lower number? No? I guess not.

I’m already dreaming about new paint outside, furniture arrangement, and house-warming parties.

Of course, I’m also dreaming about badly patched holes in the wall, rats that show up just after closing, smoking heaters, and exploding water-heaters.

I can’t ever give myself the good without the bad.

I have dance tonight. Maybe I can dance some of this anxiety away. Sadly, I usually let the anxiety get to me and the dancing suffers instead. Or at least that’s my convenient excuse for why I look about as coordinated and graceful as 10 month pregnant woman out of water. And I’m not pregnant.

Belly Dance- it sucks away my time and my money, it makes my hip hurt SO badly, and it tests the strength of my self-esteem, but I can’t stop. The costumes are too cool.

And I like the dancing a lot. It makes me feel, during the times when I don’t feel like a hippo, like I’m 4 again. I even have a spinny-skirt.

Blargh. Back to work.

Jan 22 2007

And while we’re on the subject of worry…

John and I saw the house we want on Saturday.

It’s a 3 bed/2 bath in a very nice neighborhood. It has everything we were looking for: central heat/air, backyard, garage, higher ceilings, decent kitchen, inside laundry. It also has new carpet and paint inside. Oh yeah- and it’s maybe 2 miles from work.

The outside is rather hideous. It is white with shockingly blue trim and has really chunky grey gravel in the front “yard”. But those things are purely cosmetic.

Today we drove past the road and I freaked a little when I thought I saw cars parked in front of it. We both started saying “Nobody else is allowed to look at our house!” We drove in and realized that it was just the neighbors who are doing some improvements to their house.

I think that means we like it.

We are very excited and nervous. We don’t want to get emotional about it, but it’s finally something we like at a price we can afford and we REALLY don’t want it to get away!

I think I’ll be hassling my Realtor now. Excuse me.