Jan 02 2007

Oh Happy Day!

Today I got a new computer at work (I will call her “Zippy-Lou”) AND found out that the sellers just dropped their price by about $10,000.

I’m giddy.

It was only slightly diminished by the “lunch” that my coworker heated up in the microwave. I say it was his lunch because I imagine he ate it, but I don’t see how anyone would find putrefied ass edible, let alone appealing. At least, I think that must have been what he warmed up because the smell is still lingering. I begged to do the mail run so that I could get away from it.

Anyway… I’m really excited about the house!!

You know what else I’ve discovered I like? The Fountains of Wayne cover of Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time. I hate it when she does it, the skanky ho, but Fountains of Wayne actually manages to make it a really nice song.

One of the best covers has to be The Gourds doing Snoop Dog’s Gin and Juice. Again- not so fond of Snoop, but I just love the hick-i-fied version. Which is also strange.

I’m thinking about music a lot only because I’m finally getting to use my little mP3 player now that my husband has gotten a newer, nicer one for his damn self. That’s okay- I don’t really need a gig of music. 512 does me just fine.

Cole’s ears are improving. It’s so nice to have my happy, sleeping-almost-through-the-damn-night baby boy back. Yesterday we were at my parent’s house for dinner. The carpet in one room was ripped out because they are renovating their house and starting with new walls in one room (which will house the new 46″ flat-screen tv and amazing home theatre system, which is hilarious because their old tv was about 15-20 years old, couldn’t support a dvd player, and they’ve never had any kind of cable/satellite tv. Ever. They have one channel, just like me). Cole, John, and my father were running around on the wooden sub-floor and Cole was positively chortling. They’re turning my toddler into a runner, damnit! He’s just now walking well- can’t we keep it at that for a flipping MINUTE?! Fine- bring on the running and jumping and skipping, and while we’re at it, why don’t you sign him up for football and skydiving lessons.

Cole also said a brand-new word yesterday. It was in front of some friends who I don’t think grasped the significance, not being parents themselves. He said “horse”, which I’m not sure he had even heard before that day. He heard it twice and immediately repeated it perfectly. Maybe it doesn’t sound amazing, but I was sort of blown away. He is learning things so quickly. He can now go up and down the stair in our living room without crawling. On one side he uses the arm of the couch to hoist himself up, and on the other side he uses the wall. No really! This stuff is incredible!

This post has perhaps become more random than I really intended.

Wish us luck with the house!!

(Oh Zippy-Lou, I love you.)

Jan 02 2007

Look! Look at this! Okay, you can’t actually see, I guess, but there are tears here. Real ones! But good tears; happy tears. And it’s all because of you guys. Damn, did you all start my year off right.

Also, if any of you are interested in being my BFF, I’m SO there. I mean, I’m here, but I’m there, y’know? Let’s not let the physical distance stop us. I’ve had long distance relationships before! Please don’t let the reek of desperation drive you away. I’m really not so crazy in real life. Probably. Actaully, I don’t really know that for sure… Can a crazy person know that they’re crazy?

I’m not really making this proposition too attractive, am I?

Let me start over.

Hi! I love you all!

This just can’t come out as anything but pitiful, can it?

I’ll move on.

So, how was your New Year’s? We went to a very strange party with some very cool people. I will elaborate.

This party we went to had a significant number of “People who we love and want to see always” and “People who we were friends with 10 years ago and haven’t seen much of since.” So it was pretty cool. At first.

We had a great time, though there were some glaring vacancies in the friend line-up due to the avoidance of drama (which is a noble goal which ought to be persued more often), just hanging out and introducing our “produce” (Cole). I put my damn foot in my mouth only the usual number of times and proved, once again, that I am just as big a dork now as I was in high school (sadly, that will never change).

Then the teenagers showed up, followed closely by the lingerie. John and I decided to leave before the two collided. Apparently, the models in the lingerie show were heckled with comments such as “How old is she- 12?” Yuck. I think, had we stayed for that atrocity, my inner puritan would have been sent howling in the search for blankets with which to cover their shame. I’m not against lingerie, please don’t misconstrue, just against teens wearing it in public. I don’t think I’m alone here.

There was something a little creepy about 26-30 year olds hanging out with actual, underage teenagers. Then John reminded me that my father was about our age when he met my mother and she was only 18. Huh.

Nope, still creepy.

So we went home and watched (I bet you can’t guess!) Buffy and realized only at 12:23 that we had actually stayed up until the new year.

My only regret is that I missed out on the champagne. I’ll admit it- I really like champagne, though Brut only.

Then on Monday we spent the day looking for a place to have a wedding. Not ours, though I would do it again, but a very dear friend’s. Following that experience, I have a message to the proprieters of places to have weddings: STOP. SMOKING. CRACK. Only an idiot who truly believes that their wedding will be the best day of their life or that the success of the wedding will mean anything about the success of their marriage would pay that much money to have their celebration at your facility. We’re not falling for it. I’m like this close (see the gap between my fingers? It’s tiny) to suggesting that they go up to Yosemite and have the ceremony at Bridal Veil Falls and have a catered picnic lunch after.

I guess I did just suggest it (Hi guys!).


(Seriously- love you all!)