Jan 05 2007


We just got a counter offer from the sellers. If you could even call it an offer.

They agreed to take $999 off their price, making it a round $339,000.

Oh, and they won’t give us the refrigerator.

I almost snorted into the phone when my agent told me.

Apparently, they owe money on it, have a $10,000 pre-payment penalty on their loan, and would only be making $5,000 off of the sale.

My reaction? It’s not my problem that you owe money. It’s not my responsibility to ensure that you get a good deal. You are NEVER EVER guaranteed to make money on the sale of a house. You are desperate in a buyer’s market. STOP WHINING AND FUCKING PLAY BALL ALREADY!

I’d be insulted by their tiny drop in price if I didn’t think it was so ridiculously hilarious. All I can do is shake my head and laugh.

We’ll play. We’ll give them a counter offer with no regard to their “issues.” If they really aren’t going to come down farther, we’ll let them sit on the market for another month or so, during which time they’ll be paying TWO mortgages. We’ll still just be paying rent and saving our cash.

Who do you think will break first?

Jan 05 2007

They haven’t called! WHY HAVEN’T THEY CALLED?!

I don’t think our Realtor is an asshole. I think he’s just trying to keep us real, yo. We had so much conflicting advice from so many sources that we’re having trouble actually knowing what a fair price for this house would be. From one side we get $260,000 “because the market is going DOOOOWWWN!” From the other we get $350,000 “because the market, though not as active and thriving as it was last year, is just settling back into a normal pattern.”

They started out asking $349,500. They dropped their price before our offer to $339,999 (I mean really- a whole frigging DOLLAR less than $340,000? Give me a break). We feel that the house needs about $25,000 worth of work before it is in really good condition. It’s not a fixer-upper, but it could use a little work.

I feel a bit uncomfortable disclosing the range of prices we are willing to pay to the internet. Please understand- this is CALIFORNIA, and a rather desirable portion of it. Paying the mortgage on this house would mean that we don’t get to do anything fun. Ever. It represents that large of a portion of our COMBINED income. Bottom line- WE ARE NOT RICH PEOPLE!

We’ve been told that the sellers have already purchased a new house, which makes them motivated to be rid of this one. However, we have also been told that they owe rather a lot on a second mortgage and so “can’t” come down much farther. Part of me understands that, but another part of me thinks “how is it MY problem that you can’t manage your own damn debt?” I also think that you come down as far as you need to to sell a house when you’re desperate. I know for a fact that they have no other offers and haven’t had much interest in the house at all besides us.

John and I have settled on the price above which we will not go. We will not fight for this house. It’s not worth that much to us. We would love to have it. We adore the neighborhood, we like the neighbors, it is convenient, quiet, safe, has a big back yard, and a lot of potential. We could make a really nice home for many years out of it. But there are always others. We can afford to wait. We are in no way desperate to buy this house or buy at all, for that matter. It’s a want, not a NEED. A rather big want, but a want all the same.

I think we have a healthy attitude about it. I think it would be a mistake to get too emotionally involved at this point. I won’t be counting on it until escrow is closed.

But that doesn’t stop the endless churning in my stomach. Seriously- is someone mixing cement down there or something?