Jan 10 2007

Country Music Loves You Baby. It Loves You Goooood.

It’s delurking week and I’m late, even though I knew about it on Monday. I had more important things to tell you about on Monday (and dudes- where were all the house-shopping horror stories from you? I know some of you must have them), and Tuesday I… well I was frankly too busy investigating REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF. Um… yeah.

But y’all aren’t posting! What’s up? Is the internet taking a sick day? ‘Cause I could totally use a sick day.

All I have for you today is this thought that came to me as I was driving someone else’s truck to the shop and (because it is my policy to never fuck with anyone’s radio settings EVER) listening to the local country music station: Country music is like a bad romance novel and a soap opera all rolled up in one, and both of those are really quite related to soft-core porn.