Jan 12 2007

Puffy Pink Hearts!

Man, you guys are so cool. And I really want to write about stuff. No, really- I do! I want to tell you how I almost cried because we watched the last episode of Buffy, and how much I loathe wintergreen flavor, and how I’m a car dancer and was made fun of when I admitted it.

But I’ve used up all my time for the day. Do you realize that I’ve been 100% billable today? That almost never happens.

So I’ll be back on Tuesday. Then I’ll have stories about the 13+/- houses I’m going to see tomorrow, delicious things my delicious baby has done, and ,I’m sure, scores of other grippingly exciting topics.

For now, I’m SO excited about what you all are writing and the new blogs I’ve discovered. I’m just so amazed at the talent that is out there. I rarely feel adequate, but I keep reading in the hope that your skills will rub off on me some day.

Have a great weekend!