Jan 17 2007


Am I the only one who, when I hear the word “vetted”, thinks of a job candidate up on a table having his ears checked for foxtails and his anal glands drained?

Nobody else?


I went to the dentist this morning. I don’t know why people are so afraid of the dentist. I love the dentist. The gynecologist, on the other hand…

I had minimal plaque deposits, but also had a couple of little cavities starting, which he said probably had only showed up in the last 6 months.

The cool thing about the visit (besides the wonderful, relaxing cleaning. No, I’m not being sarcastic.) was that they took digital x-rays. I got to see my teeth displayed on a computer monitor above my head. It was so neat! The roots on my molars were beautiful. I’d never been allowed to see my mouth x-rays so clearly before.

So now I’m eating m&ms; (because I was going to pass out due to sheer exhaustion otherwise) and contemplating what they might be doing to my bee-a-utiful, clean, fresh teeth.

Why exhausted? I’m so glad you asked.

Last night, after (thankfully) coming home early from dance class, my husband announced that a pipe had burst outside and a neighbor had called the property owner’s association to come out and turn the water off. We’re lucky, because lots of people had severe damage to their homes because of water pipes over the weekend. We just wasted some water.

So we packed up our junk and moved to my parent’s house, which is not entirely hospitable because they are in the middle of a major remodel and the house is buried in dust. Also, they only have two towels. Fun.

Cole was a MONSTER, probably due to being in a strange environment. He was awake from about 3:30- 4:45. I gave him a bottle of water at one point to try to ease him back to sleep, and he rejected it, but didn’t want to let it go. He just wanted to play with it. When I tried to take it away (so that I wouldn’t be completely drenched with milky-water bottle-dribbles), Cole grabbed it to his chest and said “No! Mine.” so clearly, as if he had been saying it for years. Then he thought a moment, realized that it wasn’t all that interesting, and said “No. Yours.” and handed me the bottle.

Where did my baby go, who is this tiny devil, and isn’t it true that he must be a perfect genius if, at almost 15 months, he is able to distinguish between “mine” and “yours”?

That IS what it means, right?

No, you can’t have him! He’s MINE!

Jan 17 2007

Please, please, please, please…

Please go read this.

Look- I know it’s weird to ask strangers for help of any kind, especially when it’s for someone who I really don’t know well. Here’s what I do know: this is a good person and the health care system in this country is just fucked. I don’t believe this is even in question. It is fucked.

She’s not asking for money- hell, SHE’S not asking for anything. It’s her friends and family who have taken up this fight. But she needs help, and FAST.

If there’s anything you can do to help- any insight, any ideas, anything you’ve lived through- please contact me or Alliya at I Dream In Print.