Jan 18 2007


It appears that I will be performing a marriage ceremony for a good friend in March.

In a church.

A real church.

It’s a funny world…

Jan 18 2007

Spencie- Doodle

My nephew. Yes.

Sometimes I forget that I’ve written about things here and then leave you hanging.

Unfortunately, in this case we have all been left hanging.

My nephew, Spencer, was in the hospital for about 26 hours, during which he had to endure lots of blood being drawn, urine being taken (though he probably thought it was funny peeing into a little cup), two awful, painful skin biopsies from his legs, two stitches for each biopsy location, one york peppermint patty, one peanut-butter cup, one churro, toys, and lots of hugs and kisses.

Okay- I guess some of those are worse than others…

And we have been told…. nothing helpful. Their best guess at this time is that it may be a form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Though that’s not great, it could be a LOT worse. At least most kids who develop it before the age of 6 or 7 seem to grow out of it eventually. And it doesn’t mean that he will have arthritis for sure when he’s older, either.

But they still just don’t know and are unwilling to label the problem until they have more information and more opinions. It may take 2 weeks or more to get any more answers. Some of the doctors are going to a conference soon and will be taking all of the information they have about Spencer’s condition, along with LOADS of pictures they took, with them. They’ll be showing them around and getting as much input as they can. I like that.

We are hoping right now that Spencer will qualify for a special grant from UCSF that will pay for all of the experimental stuff they want to do. Right now my sister has appointments for all kinds of specialists, but if they can’t get this grant, they can’t go. My sister is a single, student mom, living in San Francisco (NOT CHEAP!). She has no assistance from the birth-father, and the money she gets for school is nearly a joke, though she couldn’t live without it.

So there are lots of scary parts- the unknown, the expense… Hey! That alone is more than enough!

I’m so proud of my sister and how she’s handling everything. She is such an awesome mom. And I’m so proud of Spencer and how I’ve heard he was such a trooper through everything the doctors needed to do. Life is not the funnest for them right now, but I’m sure they will come out better than ever. They have good friends and a loving family to help them along the way.

Good thoughts and wishes for them wouldn’t hurt though.

Jan 18 2007

The Boy

Have I showed y’all my beautiful son lately? Not recently enough! This is from this morning as we were headed out of the house.

People say he looks like me. I take it as a wonderful compliment, though I do think I drool just a bit less.