Jan 22 2007

And while we’re on the subject of worry…

John and I saw the house we want on Saturday.

It’s a 3 bed/2 bath in a very nice neighborhood. It has everything we were looking for: central heat/air, backyard, garage, higher ceilings, decent kitchen, inside laundry. It also has new carpet and paint inside. Oh yeah- and it’s maybe 2 miles from work.

The outside is rather hideous. It is white with shockingly blue trim and has really chunky grey gravel in the front “yard”. But those things are purely cosmetic.

Today we drove past the road and I freaked a little when I thought I saw cars parked in front of it. We both started saying “Nobody else is allowed to look at our house!” We drove in and realized that it was just the neighbors who are doing some improvements to their house.

I think that means we like it.

We are very excited and nervous. We don’t want to get emotional about it, but it’s finally something we like at a price we can afford and we REALLY don’t want it to get away!

I think I’ll be hassling my Realtor now. Excuse me.

Jan 22 2007

Update: Because I make my worry your worry!

Now it seems that Spencer may havethis, which would really be better than what they thought before. So far he doesn’t have any kidney involvement, but it could change at any time. He has to go to the hospital for urinalysis every week for the next 6 months and every month for the next 3 years just to be sure that his kidneys don’t get harmed. If they do, he will have to go on dialysis.

It’s still scary, but it seems like they are getting closer to having a real diagnosis with a good plan of attack. Thanks for all of your well wishes- I know it means a lot to them.