Jan 23 2007

We have heard…

Exactly nothing.

No news about the offer we put in last night.


They probably won’t accept it, but at least let us KNOW that they aren’t accepting it!

Of course, if they do accept it, I’ll kick myself for not offering less. Can you counter offer with a lower number? No? I guess not.

I’m already dreaming about new paint outside, furniture arrangement, and house-warming parties.

Of course, I’m also dreaming about badly patched holes in the wall, rats that show up just after closing, smoking heaters, and exploding water-heaters.

I can’t ever give myself the good without the bad.

I have dance tonight. Maybe I can dance some of this anxiety away. Sadly, I usually let the anxiety get to me and the dancing suffers instead. Or at least that’s my convenient excuse for why I look about as coordinated and graceful as 10 month pregnant woman out of water. And I’m not pregnant.

Belly Dance- it sucks away my time and my money, it makes my hip hurt SO badly, and it tests the strength of my self-esteem, but I can’t stop. The costumes are too cool.

And I like the dancing a lot. It makes me feel, during the times when I don’t feel like a hippo, like I’m 4 again. I even have a spinny-skirt.

Blargh. Back to work.