Jan 24 2007


We must all hold on to our pants for a while longer, my little artichokes. I too am excited, but I have no news about the house. I am itching to know what’s taking so long. Perhaps they are giving really serious consideration to our offer? Perhaps they will come back and say “Yes, yes! Take this house for which you have offered us twenty-seven-thousand, five-hundred dollars less than we were asking! We WANT you to have it!”

I live most of my life in a dream world. I know this.

From here on I am going to be a little random because there are a few things I wish to discuss with you and I don’t have time to post them all separately. Thank you for your patience.

John and I started watching Firefly last night, which is our Buffy replacement a la moment. I like it. I like the combination of the western/high-tech/Asian influences. So far I like the characters. I’m sure that I’m just falling into the stereotypes to like the plucky “Companion.” It’s a lot of fun, I’m just sorry that the run of the series was so short.

I forgot to tell y’all what happened last Saturday. You’re gonna LOVE this.

My parents, as I think you know, are living with us right now because their house is torn to shit while they remodel. My mother asked me at 9 on Saturday morning to go to a town about 1 hr 45 min away with her to look at granite for new kitchen counters. I said that I was happy to go, but that I had to take John and Cole to get haircuts that morning, but that I was free after that. She complained a little about having to wait, to which I replied “if you get tired of waiting for me and feel okay about going alone, thats fine. But I’d love to go if you want to wait.” She mentioned that they were only open from 10-2, but I knew we’d have no trouble getting there on time even if she decided to wait for me.

So I was getting ready to head out the door when I got a call. It was my dad. He told me that he was disappointed in my unwillingness to help my mother and that they had done so much for us and gone out of their way so many times and I was completely ungrateful to not do the same.

I was purely flabbergasted. I stood and stared at the phone with my mouth literally hanging open. LITERALLY. I even thought, for one second, that it was a joke (it’s the kind of joke my dad would play and think was hil-AR-ious). But it wasn’t.

I finally regained my brain and jumped in to explain that I, in fact, hadn’t refused to go, and actually was hoping to be able to go, but that we had had the haircuts planned for 2 weeks and they guys really needed them. All I wanted was an hour!

He said “but they won’t be there.”

I said “THEY ARE OPEN FROM 10-2!”

He said “Oh.”

I can just see it- my mother hated the fact that she couldn’t get exactly her way and so ran and TATTLED on me to my father, purposely LYING to him (about their hours of operation) so that her case would be stronger.


I did go to see the marble. The “discussion” was never acknowledged. I never got anything approaching an apology.


And lastly, I am once again feeling the pull of the disgusting, devilish, dangerous, and damn vile Diet Dr. Pepper. Please make it stop.