Feb 01 2007

Ok! Hello! The House!

My sister is such a brat. But she’s awesome.

So anyway, the house: Not Yet Ours.

They came back and countered our counter, those asses. Now they are just $4000 above what we feel like we really want to pay for this place. They also claim that it’s absolutely as far as they can go.


What’s up with all these people thinking that they can get so much money for houses still? Those days are over!

So now I’m all tied up in knots of anxiety and stress and o-my-gawd-I-think-I-might-puke-ness over whether we should try to counter again with as high a number as we feel we could swing, or if we should just tell them where they can stick it and wait for the next house.

I’m so tired of waiting.

I’m so tired of looking. I’m so tired of wondering where we will be next. I’m tired of the games, I’m tired of the Realtors, I’m tired of signing my name.

Goddammit- I just want it to be over. It’s not fun, it’s not exciting, I’m not happy. I am getting stressed to what feels like my breaking point. I’m starting to wonder if $4000 is really worth fighting over when it fucks me up this much.


Perhaps I should make up a t-shirt that says “Please excuse my erratic, irrational, and inappropriate behavior- I’m trying to buy a house.”

Until it’s over, I’ll be the one in the corner with the box of tissues.