Feb 02 2007

Stomach! I done TOLD you to shut up. Don’t MAKE me come in there!

We countered the house offer at just $4000 under their offer. We’re going for it. Our Realtor said they’d be stupid not to take it.

Damn I hope they take it.

In my head I have already moved in, arranged all my stuff, and possibly even spilled something on the rug. I’ll TOTALLY clean that up tomorrow, I swear.

My mother has even remembered the name of the road. I think we’ve moved in in HER head, too.

I now get physically ill whenever I think about it. It’s not the money- it’s the waiting; it’s the unknown; it’s the anticipation.


As a diversion I decided to count all the words that Cole can say. As of this morning, and I’m not sure it’s a complete list, he could say 71. Not bad, I think. And he says them well, too. He articulates very nicely.

I’ll let you know if I get any news.