Feb 05 2007

Okay- I’m going to let you all in on this because I really need advice and I’d like it from someone who is not directly involved.

Only, I’m going to give it to you in slightly different numbers because talking about money makes me a little queasy. So I’m going to talk about it but not talk about it- okay?

(Numbers have been changed to protect the queasy.)

The asking price for a house is $547,500.

You counter with $520,000.

They counter with $545,000.

You counter with $528,000.

They counter with $539,000.

You counter with $535,000.

They don’t accept and refuse to lower their price, but your Realtor will take $2000 off of his fees and THEIR Realtor will take $1000 off of HER fees just to get the insanity to stop.

What do you do?

A) Refuse the offer and walk the fuck away. There will be another house someday.

B) Take the offer. You really, really like this house and, though it will hurt your finances VERY much, CAN actually afford it.

C) Take the offer but ask that they guarantee not to sell to anyone else and that they pay for a Home Warranty.

D) None of the above.

If you choose none of the above you must discuss in essay format. Please cite your references following APA guidelines. Your response may be no longer than 5 pages, single spaced.

You have overnight to finish. Please make sure your name is at the top. In triplicate.

And initial here…

and here…

and here…

and here…

Feb 05 2007

Honestly- I would have updated you guys had there been any news. There was nothing. NOTHING. Y’know- weekends should count in the 3-day period in which they have to answer. It’s no fair to make us wait the weekend and then 3 days. No fair at all.

So we have no idea when we might hear. Hmpf.

Last night Cole did a faceplant into the pergo. I turned around , not realizing he was there, and he tripped over the toe of my shoe. He had things in both hands so he wasn’t able to break his fall properly. His hands slid out sideways and his face make a sickening wet smack sound on the floor. I picked him up and flipped him over and saw that his lip was already purple and was bleeding. Then my head blew up and I died. The end.

We applied copious amounts of grape popsicle and nuzzling. We distracted with books. The only thing we didn’t do, idiots that we are, is give him any pain medicine. DOH! His swollen, black-and-blue gums weren’t bad enough without pain meds- we have to give him a fat lip too. Builds Character!

After he was finished with his popsicle and snuggled in his grandfather’s lap reading books, I felt like all of the blood rushed out of my head. Really- it was like my eyes were sinking in, and my head was tingling as if it had gone to sleep. Like I slept on it funny and cut off the circulation.

After that episode was over (during which I actually turned down the back-rub my mom was giving me because I was so high-strung that it hurt to be touched), I was just worn out. I could have gone to bed that instant. Cole must have been worn out too, because he slept without moving through the night.

He was extra cranky-pants this morning. I don’t blame him.

It makes me realize even more than ever before how exhausting it must be to have a child with a chronic disease/problem. It’s not a quick crisis-then-over kind of situation; it’s a constant worry/wait/worry/wait/crisis!/worry/wait (repeat forever). At least, that’s what I imagine. It seems like you’d be living your life with that hanging over everything. I can’t imagine how wasted I would be if I had to live with that. I hope I never have to find out.

Anyway, it was a GORGEOUS weekend out here in California, which was wonderful but also frightening. If we don’t get some rain it’s going to be the worst year of drought in a long time. And I STILL have trouble flushing the toilet for just pee after the drought of my childhood. If it’s yellow- let it mellow! If it’s brown- flush it down!!

And I just had this unbelievable craving for a cheeseburger with pickles and onions only from McDonald’s. I haven’t had anything from McDonald’s for about 17 years or so. Huh… wonder where that came from?