Feb 08 2007


Yesterday we were told that the final offer was being faxed around and signed and that, barring anything weird, we would be in escrow today.


Except, we’ve had no word today.


Um…yeah. That’s all I know.

Feb 08 2007

Well that kinda came out of nowhere!

Holy Crap!

Does anyone else smell something fishy…?

Feb 08 2007

Well HELLO there!

I’m back today. I went home yesterday with a back that was threatening to leave me immobile and a stomach doing its best to torture me. It just wasn’t a good day to be at work.

I was home for most of the day by myself, which was kind of a nice change. I actually READ! I know! Can you believe it?! I got started on the first book of the His Dark Materials series, and I am already in love. I made it about halfway through before I realized that I should get some sleep while I had the chance. It was really hard to put the book down, though. They are meant for a “young adult” audience, but I don’t find them juvenile in any way so far. John says they will be making them into a movie. I have to try to read them all before that comes out.

But anyway- I’m back. Not 100%, but here all the same. My lower back is giving me a small slice of hell today, but I just have to deal with it.

Oh yeah, and we go into escrow today. Probably.