Feb 20 2007

You still remember me, right?

Oh, you guys- I’ve missed you! I really have!

Last week was insane already and then Cole came down with a fever on Thursday. He had to be with me at work for the rest of the day. Friday we had the home inspection and Cole still couldn’t go to daycare, so I had about 2 days of work to do in roughly 3 hours that day. Saturday we were supposed to head down to San Francisco to see my sis and Spencer, but because Cole was sick we canceled. Instead I worked on my dance bra with Thalisha. We also got to spend some time with Ticknart, which is always nice. We finally exchanged christmas presents. Sunday I finished my dance bra just in time to make it to troupe photos for bellydancing. We were there for 3 hours. Monday my mom and I drove an hour to go to Target where I bought some bras that don’t fit and a rug that is too small, all of which I will have to take back some weekend soon, which is EXACTLY what I need right now. Just exactly. Today I have been trying to catch up on work from last week. I was supposed to go to bellydancing tonight and was really looking forward to it, but the teacher has pneumonia now so class is canceled. Booo. I’m still feeling very overwhelmed and like I may be coming down with something, which would also be FANTASTICALLY convenient. On top of everything is the house stuff that just seems so confusing and monetarily depressing at the moment.

So I wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten all you wonderful, sparkly people out there. I’m just less than sparkly myself right now. I’ve missed a lot in the last couple of days and I’m trying to catch up on everything. I will get that so called “groove” back one day.

But, dude- what happened to Britney Spears while I was gone? I mean… Dude.