Feb 21 2007

Random Enough

Ok, so y’know what’s awesome? When your home inspector likes your house so much that he tells you that if you don’t buy it, he will.

That’s when I started feeling better about the house.

I hadn’t really had significant doubt about the house- it was all normal buyer’s apprehension, I’m sure- until we neared the inspection. Then I started freaking out about what he might find. Was the ceiling squirming with bugs? Was the heater about to bite it? Was there a ginormous structural crack running through everything? Was it going to fall down around our ears at the first whisper of an earthquake?

Turns out that it’s one of the better houses in the area in its price range.

I knew that.

The only real exceptions are some drainage issues that I’m sure we can handle (nothing major) and the roof. The roof needs to be patched and then might give us another 5 years. That sucks, but we can worry about that later. It’s still a good house.

So things are cooking along. Looks like, as long as everything keeps going the way it is, we may be able to close escrow early and have more than a weekend to move in. That would be nice!

Pizza for everyone who wants to help us move. Heck, I’ll even throw in beer if that’ll tip the scales. I know y’all want to take your California vacations in March, right? Bee-eer…!

I’ve also been tagged by the Princess to do the Weird Things meme. I’ve already done it, but because I’m too lazy to look back at my archives, I’ll be working on that later.

One more thing- I have a question for you:
Spending an entire weekend hanging out at a Celtic/Ren Faire, having to act out scenes, and dancing occasionally- Super Cool or Supremely Dorky? Or Cool Dork Chic? Or something.