Mar 01 2007

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “N”

On Tuesday night we had snow. Not as much snow as we’ve had before, but it was still a lot- 6 inches in one night.

On Wednesday the power was out at work and we were slightly stuck (at least in the morning) at our house. Work closed for the day because nobody could get anything done.

So we have: pretty snow, a day off, and a very curious and adventurous toddler. And what happens?

My damn camera batteries die. All I got was one stinkin picture.

He was so cute. He thought it was hilarious when his shoes got covered with snow and he really got into eating it. I made sure he only ate good snow. It’s a good thing, too, because I noticed last night that my dog doesn’t seem to notice the difference between the yard and the deck now that there’s snow over everything. She’s been peeing on the deck. It’s probably easier for her. I understand, I just don’t like it.

On Tuesday night, while it was snowing so hard outside, Cole took a nice warm bath. It wasn’t unusual in any way except that he decided to give himself a hat. And it stayed on for a long time:

MOM! Don’t take a picture of my weenis!

It’s a rather jaunty little hat, I think.

He’s getting so big. Have I told you that he can now go get a Sesame Street video, put it in the vcr, and turn on the tv to watch it- ALL BY HIMSELF?! I don’t know whether to be proud and impressed at his abilities or really scared that the love affair with tv has started.

His daycare lady thinks he’s amazing too. She called me over the other day when I was picking him up and pointed to one of the other boys there. She said “He’s 20 months old and can’t do a lot of the stuff that Cole can do- and he’s really normal. Cole is SO smart- one of the smartest I’ve ever seen.”

On one hand I want to say “Well… let’s not compare kids. They all develop at their own pace.” But on the other hand I think “Of course he’s smart! Who ever doubted that? He’s a GENIUS!”

I do believe he’s smart. I’m not sure that I actually believe in genius. I really think that all kids/people have certain areas where they excel and, if you tested them only in those areas, may seem like geniuses. My step-grandfather seems like the worlds biggest nincompoop on most subjects, but he’s unbelievable when it comes to doing math in his head. He’s a carpet guy and he can do the math for your square footage in a second all in his head. I can’t do that, and I don’t think I’m generally thought of as stupid.

I also notice that a lot of people think their children are geniuses. You see it a lot on parenting forums. Can they really all be geniuses? I don’t think so. But are they maybe really really good at certain things? Sure- perhaps.

It’s normal for parents to think the best of their children. I mostly think it’s really good that they do- kids should know their parents are proud of them. But I think we take it too far when all of these kids grow up feeling like they have to live up to that level. Most of them will fail.

So I’ll never really say that my kid’s a genius. I can’t prove it. But I love the heck out of him anyway, no matter what.

So what things do your kids do that make you suspect that they might be one of the best and brightest?

Mar 01 2007


Thanks Hannah- This ROCKS.