Mar 02 2007

I think I’ll change my name to Velveeta.

Last night John and I watched Idiocracy. And, oh my, it was funny. But it was also very, very scary. I mean VERY scary. It was all too real. I found myself thinking “Hmm… That’s just about happening now.” It also made me want to go out and have more babies. Either that or start sterilizing people.

Some quotes:

President Camacho: Shit. I know shit’s bad right now, with all that starving bullshit, and the dust storms, and we are running out of french fries and burrito covers. But I got a solution.
South Carolina Representative # 1: That’s what you said last time, dipshit!
South Carolina Representative # 2: Yeah, I got a solution- you’re a dick! South Carolina, what’s up!

Pvt. Joe Bowers: [Addressing Congress] There was a time when reading wasn’t just for fags. And neither was writing. People wrote books and movies. Movies with stories, that made you care about who’s ass it was and why it was farting. And I believe that time can come again!

So yes- worth seeing. Though later that night I made some little mistakes/fumbles and I started thinking “Oh mi gawd- I’m becoming like them! I’m getting stupider and shit! And, like, yeah! Yo- what’s up wit the Ecomony? Dude, scrote, I’m gonna go drink some Brawndo. With electrolytes. Cause it’s what plants crave. Fuck You! Peace.”

(Oh- just watch the movie. You’ll get it.)