Mar 05 2007

(Insert insane giggle here)

It looks like the house is going through. I’m so stressed out that that’s all I can say on the matter for the moment.

In other Really! Fun! News!: A deer decided that this life was just not worth living and committed suicide on my car on Saturday night. It ran out from the side of the road directly into my car. It broke its neck. I called CHP to come make sure it was dead and drag it from the road.

The driver’s side headlight is smashed and that fender is shoved back. Now I have to pay $200 (before insurance kicks in) that I wasn’t exactly counting into our budget. It also means that, until I get the car fixed, I will be o-so-gracefully climbing in and out of the passenger’s side. WHOOPEE!!

I got to see two pictures from the belly-dance photo shoot that was done a couple of weekends ago. Although my face looks… okay… I am, indeed, a fat cow. Please tell me that I can blame it all on the camera adding pounds. It adds about 20, right?

Next weekend I get to show off my rubenesque-ness at the Celtic Faire. For two days. All day. All I can say is it better not fucking snow.

I am in the dumps. My stress is manifesting in physical ways. I really need a break. Help.