Mar 21 2007

I don’t have to smack him…

Holy crap, has Cole been in a pisser of a mood lately. My once so calm and delightful baby has turned into a writhing, shrieking nightmare bundle of willfulness.

Mama takes away the pen that you were trying to use on Daddy’s precious books (and the floor, the furniture, the dog…). Response? Freak the fuck out (FTFO).

Mama doesn’t get that bottle to you fast enough (You know, ’cause he’s STARVING and all)? FTFO.

Mama keeps you from sitting on the dog? FTFO.

Mama says that we can’t watch any more Melmo because we are already 20 minutes late for work? FTFO.

Mama can’t figure out what you’re saying? FTFO.

Mama takes your shoes off? FTFO.

Mama puts your shoes on? FTFO.

Mama covers her poor, abused nipple so that you won’t continue to “Tune in Tokyo” for hours in the middle of the night? FTFO. And BIG time.

I think you’re starting to get the picture. Whenever he doesn’t get exactly his way at exactly the moment he wants it, he HOWLS pitifully. He arches his back and quivers with tense rage. He cries real tears. I think he’d cry less if I pinched him.

But worse than the sobbing is the violence he does. He bites stuff. He’ll bite whatever’s the closest- me, the wall, the floor, the table, the dog. I have to hold him up so that he can’t reach me with his mouth as he’s straining with every muscle to get close enough to sink a tooth in. It is disturbingly reminiscent of fights with my sister when we were kids and I had longer arms and so could hold her head away from me so that she couldn’t touch me.

And when his biting impulse is over, he begins to slap himself in the face repeatedly, which is also reminiscent of fights with my sister where she would hit herself and then blame it on me when tattling to my parents. But it’s scary, because can you imagine me trying to convince CPS that he did it to himself? “I swear, officer. He did it! He gave himself that black eye! I never touched him!” But really, it is scary to see him do it. I’m scared of him having that frustration and rage and I hate watching him get hurt, even if he’s the one doing the hurting.

I’m trying to figure out what’s causing this behavior. Is it teething? Is it communication frustration? Is it me? Am I not giving him enough______? Is he watching too many movies? Is he eating too much meat? Is he getting too much sugar at daycare? Is he in contact with violent kids at daycare? Is he in pain in some other way that I can’t figure out? Is he mentally disturbed?

I know that some of that (most of that) is probably overreacting, but with so much being unknown… I worry that I’ll keep telling myself it’s small stuff and it’ll end up being something huge.

It’s probably teeth. I think he has two molars coming in right now. Damn, it sure would be nice to have those teeth come through (if that’s in fact what is causing this) so that I could keep my nipples from getting twisted off and maybe get a little sleep.

I can’t be alone here. Did any of your kids turn into wretched devil children during teething? Or do you think I need to put a hit out on Kevin Clash?