Mar 23 2007

I have a dog? Oh right…

So here’s poor Yoko with the horrible Collar of Doom. We hates the collar, precious. We hates it a lot.

She’s getting better. I’m starting to wonder if the so called “ulcers” in her eye are something else entirely though, because they don’t seem to be getting much better. Her eye without the ulcers looks normal again. Yay steroids!

In other news, my father turned 60 a couple days ago. I think he looks pretty good for 60. He’s a good guy, and I like him better each year. He has been a staunch republican (for business reasons) his whole life. We recently forced asked him to watch “An Inconvenient Truth.” And damn- what do you think he said the next day? Not “What a chump. That’s the idiot who claimed to have invented the internet. Why should I believe anything he says?” NO. He actually told me that 1) It was a great movie and 2) That he now thinks Gore might be one of the best candidates for president that we’ve seen in a while.

You should have seen my face. It was a Deer in the headlights kind of stunned.

So anyway, Happy Birthday, Pop. You keep getting better.

This is his “alter-ego” Clyde. Awesome!

And then there’s my adorable husband and the cutest teething monster.

I’m surrounded by good.

Mar 23 2007

I can’t be there so I’ll do it here.

San Francisco, California (March 22, 2007) – A Nicaraguan transgender woman, Ruby Rodriguez, 24 years old, was murdered on Friday, March 16, 2007. Her body was found on the corner of Cesar Chavez and Indiana Streets in the Mission District of San Francisco. The murder is currently under investigation by the San Francisco Police Department. Community United Against Violence (CUAV), EL-LA, San Francisco LGBT Community Center, TRANS Project, allies, and community members will hold a community vigil in her honor on Friday, March 23, 2007 at 6:00PM, on the corner of 24th Street and Mission Street in the Mission District.

Organizers request that the community bring a white candle to the vigil. There will also be an additional altar set up on Cesar Chavez and Indiana Street, and community members are encouraged to bring flowers, photographs, cards and good wishes to this site. Let us not forget Ruby. She was an exceptional woman who was intent on improving her life. Ruby participated in various support groups and language classes, and idolized Chicana singer Selena.

This murder comes at the heels of at least two other violent deaths of transgender women of color in the San Francisco Bay Area over the past six months. Transgender people, particularly low-income transgender women of color, are disproportionately poor, homeless, criminalized and imprisoned as a result of systemic discrimination in our daily attempts to access safe housing, healthcare, employment, and education.

Unfortunately, Ruby’s murder is not an exception, but an everyday fear for many transgender people who are targeted and brutalized by institutions and society at large. Our communities mourn Ruby’s death and ask for a renewed commitment to real safety for transgender communities. It is vital that the Mayor’s Office, the San Francisco Police Department, and the District Attorney’s Office work to end the cycles of criminalization, poverty, and violence in transgender communities and communities of color.