Mar 29 2007

I’ll braid your hair…

I’d really like to have a good friend. Maybe even one of those BFF types I keep hearing about. That sounds pretty good.

Here’s the problem- I’m not a very good friend in real life. I’ve never had close friends and I don’t know how to be a good friend. I don’t know how to do the long phone calls and the girl’s nights out and the gossiping. Or whatever friends do.

I’m terrible at remembering birthdays, sending cards, asking about how things are going… Things just slip my mind.

And I’m opinionated, absent-minded, and can be a bit judgmental and prickly. I don’t deal well with certain viewpoints and I can be terribly intolerant of certain things.

My selling points are that I’m terrifically loyal; when I care, I care DEEPLY; I can be very generous (when I remember); I listen really well; and I give good backrubs. I also usually have good booze, food, and chocolate.

So the things that would possibly make me a good friend are not actually evident until you are my friend. That’s probably not helpful.

It would also be really cool if, for ONCE, the person who I’d like to be friends with didn’t live on the other side of the continent.

I’m trying here in town, but it always feels like I’m attempting to weasel into a group that’s been established for a really long time.

But maybe that’s what it takes- lots and lots of time.

Any suggestions?