Apr 22 2007


GAH! I can’t figure out what’s going on with stupid Blogger. I’m SO going to switch soon. Anyway, just a post in hopes that it’ll help fix the problem I’m having…

Apr 20 2007

No Rhinestones…

… but we’ve got the cowboy part:

And then he found my…ummm…feminine product stash. For some reason, after pretending that they were combs, he decided that they all should be on my bedroom floor like a super-absorbent game of Pick-Up-Sicks.

And me? Well, forget sexy! I’m bringing crazy back.

Photo by Cole

I have offered to take one of the other little boys from daycare for Thursday and Friday OF MY VACATION. VACATION. Maybe that doesn’t count as crazy. No, now that I think of it, it’s more like STUPID SUCKER.

But yes, I will be on vacation all next week. I probably won’t get much chance to check in or post (when do I ever anymore?), but that just means that I’ll have all sorts of thrilling stories about pulling masses of weeds and trying to build a fence and running out of money because of home maintenance when I get back. Aren’t you excited? WOW-ie.

Apr 18 2007


Aaak!! Didn’t write today! I totally meant to! Where the hell did the day go?! I did NOT get enough done to have it over so soon! Must go get kid and go home now! Must also resolve to use far fewer exclamation points in the future!


Apr 17 2007

I’m an asshole.

Clearly, I won’t be getting any argument.

I was complimented so wonderfully by a friend of mine on his personal blog. I think I was supposed to sort of… continue the meme or something. A blog-meme version of pay-it-forward, I suppose. I thought it was just a couple of days ago. I thought that I could still consider my reply “on-time.”

I just looked back into his archives (yes- already in archives) and realized that it’s been weeks. Literally.

The thing is that I don’t know how to pay this one forward. I have several blogs that I read daily, many the work of people who read and occasionally comment here. I love them. I have blogosphere-crushes on every blogger I read. I aspire to be each and every one of you, in the moments I am reading your work, for your talent and cleverness and honesty. You all make me think. Sometimes I really hate what you say, but I keep coming back because I know you’re all ultimately interesting, good people who have great reasons for believing what you do. And because I’d hate to think of you all judging me on a single writing sample. I’m more than that, and I know you are too.

I refer to you all as my friends. I feel I know some of you more intimately than I know people I have met in real life. Sometimes I feel like a stalker. Other times I get an indication that my feelings of friendship are reciprocated; that you have all been in the same place, had the same kind of on-line “friend” dilemma that I have.

I want to meet you all. I want to hug you until you start thinking “why did I EVER agree to meet this freak?” I want to have you all over to drink wine and stuff ourselves with mini-quiches and Doritos.

All of this to say: I’m terrible and I can’t choose who I would include in the meme. Please don’t make me.

Apr 17 2007

Laughed My Ass Off

Thanks Miss Zoot!

Apr 17 2007

Music Appreciation: Animated

Music Appreciation on Vimeo

Apr 16 2007

Editing is more fun than it seems…

I was editing a report today that had a lot of hand-written changes. The problem was that the author has really funky handwriting and his “C”s look like parenthesis.

That doesn’t seem like much of a problem, I guess, until you understand that the report was about Canal Leakage and Canal Wall Failures.

I shit you not.

Apr 13 2007

Music Appreciation

(Have nothing else today. Too tired. Have a great weekend- see you next week.)

Apr 12 2007


Cole is becoming a dictator.

Even when he was little(r), we noticed the signs. He’s a powerful and charismatic orator. He shouts, leans in, and gesticulates both pointedly and wildly. We thought for a while that he might become a politician (especially when we couldn’t understand what he said) or a preacher.

But there are now signs that he is, instead, destined to become a powerful (but well loved) dictator. He has crazy hair. He hits the bottle hard. He has a great sense of humor and loves a belly laugh. He’s very whiny. These are things that today’s politicians and preachers can’t get away with.

But the real reason we’re becoming afraid is that he has taken to shouting “NONONONONONO!” to everyone and everything. For example: Mama- “would you like a morning snack?” Cole- “NONONONONONONO!” (while grabbing for said snack). And yesterday at school he was directing the other kids, telling them what they could and couldn’t do. He even told a kid “NO” when the other kid was trying to open a toy box to get out a toy. He looked the boy in the eye and pushed the box closed again. A much older boy, too.

I know what you’re thinking- he’s just a typical toddler. Right? But what if you’re wrong? With his will and size and strength (not to mention propensity for crying when he doesn’t get his way), we should all be very, very afraid.

(I know the dictator thing is a stretch. Cut me a little slack.)

Apr 10 2007

Meet Baby Bunny!

Baby Bunny making food out of sand (which he then pretended to eat and feed to mama).

Baby Bunny trying to climb the slide.

Baby Bunny realizing that using the slide the other way is a lot more fun.

Baby Bunny on the baby swings, holding on for dear life with his Baby Bunny paws (but still having a great time).

And here we have Cowboy Cole, who decided that sneakers were much more practical in the city than boots. And flowers are more interesting than beer (so HE says).

But tiny racing cars are still fascinating!

(Sorry I couldn’t show you the tiny racing cars. They were just too fast!)