Apr 03 2007


(Big Kisses all around!)

Thank you all for your supportive comments. I can’t begin to tell you what it means to me and how excited I get to see new emails telling me that you’ve had something to say. It’s great.

SunShine- we’ll let each other know what we discover. Deal? Deal.

Princess and Beth (SunShine too, for that matter)- Can we be friends despite the distance? I’d love that! We’ll pretend we’ve actually met in real life. Though I don’t know how the hair braiding will go if we’re long-distance… Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Alliya- You’re a babe. I feel like we’re family, and yours is a family I’d be proud to be a part of. Thanks for including me/us. I do consider you a friend.

Em- You ARE my family (you know that, I know). You are also the closest thing I have to a BFF (besides John, I suppose), and if you lived in town it would be perfect. I love thinking of you as my friend. I love you. (MOVE BACK!)

**sniffsniff** the love!

And then Vinny… I don’t know who you are. I don’t think you quite grasped the point of the post. I don’t think changing my blog’s color will do anything for my social life.

That said, I had been thinking about changing things up. When I got that comment, my immediate response was “Fuck you! I’m not changing anything for anybody. If you don’t like the pink? Go suck your ass!”


But what do the rest of you think? I guess I’m willing to put aside my contrary-ness for a moment and give the change some serious consideration.

Things to note- the pink was always meant to be kind of…ironic, I guess. I wanted it to also be a little off-putting. If you ever saw my art, you’d understand better. So the fact that you don’t really like it? Is kind of the point. I’d go into why, but it’d be long and boring and everybody falls asleep during art history, anyway.

So… thoughts?

Apr 03 2007

It’s over!

The day of reckoning was last Saturday. That’s right- last Saturday I performed my very first wedding ceremony as an officiant.

And it went really well! I was nauseous with anxiety for about a day before, and I had a horrible nightmare where I flubbed the first line and the groom didn’t show up and the bride ran away from home and I had to beat up her awful bridesmaids for information regarding her whereabouts.

But that didn’t actually happen.

The bride did trip on her dress coming up the stairs, though, so I’m sure someone’s nightmare came true! (Poor woman, she was so embarrassed. It was actually very cute, though I’m sure she’ll never believe me.)

I needn’t have worried about my clothes, though I was very happy with what I ultimately chose. There were guests there in everything from sparkly cocktail dresses to tank tops and capri-sweats. I guess that’s the norm for weddings in this county.

I felt very comfortable in the clothes I picked. I felt professional and pretty and appropriate. I wore an off-white lace tank top underneath a natural colored, v-neck, woven, light sweater (so that just a little bit of the tank showed at the neckline). I had a floor-length wrap skirt in silk printed with natural, brown, and royal purple flowers. I had an “old gold” necklace with royal purple sparklys and a purple crystal hair thing holding my hair up at the back of my head. AND, the best part, I had gorgeous purple high heels! That were on sale at Ross! HEEEEEEE!!!

So after all of that worry and all of the planning, the ceremony went off without a (major) hitch. We went off to the reception, I still in my overly-planned outfit, where, not 10 minutes in, a sleeping Cole drenched me in urine.

I had to leave the reception and go home to change. I got only a couple of minutes to choose the outfit that I wore back. Go figure…

Anyway- I really enjoyed the experience, overall. I’d be willing to do it again, but maybe only for people that I know. I’m not sure I’m ready to be such a big part of a stranger’s wedding day.

Oh, and the bride paid me after all. It went back into her gift box at the reception.