Apr 05 2007

They’re in the mail.

I had to order new checks today, both because we’ve moved to a more permanent home and because I have only one check left. Not one “book” of checks, no- one single, solitary check. Luckily, I think I made it through this month’s “bill BONANZA!” and so don’t need to write any more for a week or two. I hope.

However, when I went to order checks, I found out that, yet again, they discontinued my design. What’s so wrong with leopard print that every company I’ve ever ordered checks from has discontinued their version of it? I like the leopard print. I want the damn leopard print!

Alas, I don’t get that as a choice. Instead, here are some designs that were kept. Behold their beauty:

Now, some people might not find these to be too bad. They aren’t my taste, but neither is most pop music, so… whatever. But WHY do they need to have more than three unicorn designs and not a single leopard print design? Does that make sense?

I’m baffled.

No really- this is the shit I end up thinking about.

Anyway, I ordered “Where the Wild Things Are” designs instead because the Shug “Wives With Knives” were too expensive.

I don’t know why I spend so much time on checks when the only people who see them are the ones opening my payment envelopes. Like they care. The money’s the same on a Unicorn or Jesus waving an American Flag. But I can’t help myself.

Don’t even get me started on stamps…

Apr 05 2007

Ahhh… Nature!

I had this guy visit me for the whole morning.

It was so beautiful. I was just about to take pictures when it finally decided it had rested enough and flew away. I was sorry to see it go, but considering I thought it was dead when I picked it up this morning, I’m glad that it got at least one more flight in the sunshine, even if it does actually die soon.

It’s a silk moth. I should have kept it and figured out how to clone it to start my own silk farm so that I can retire in luxury.

Shucks. Too late now…