Apr 10 2007

Meet Baby Bunny!

Baby Bunny making food out of sand (which he then pretended to eat and feed to mama).

Baby Bunny trying to climb the slide.

Baby Bunny realizing that using the slide the other way is a lot more fun.

Baby Bunny on the baby swings, holding on for dear life with his Baby Bunny paws (but still having a great time).

And here we have Cowboy Cole, who decided that sneakers were much more practical in the city than boots. And flowers are more interesting than beer (so HE says).

But tiny racing cars are still fascinating!

(Sorry I couldn’t show you the tiny racing cars. They were just too fast!)

Apr 10 2007

Cole says…

Belly Dancers are SQUISHY!

(He even says “svish, svish” in a scratchy little voice.)

Apr 10 2007

A tip for you!

Dieting can be good and healthy. So can exercise. Food poisoning, on the other hand, is neither good nor healthy and certainly not an advisable kick-start to the summer dieting program.

Please- take it from me.

Ten whole hours of hourly upchucking and a thrown-out back later…

Here I am back at work. It was a lovely weekend until the ill-advised pit stop at the valley Taco Bell. Who knew a cheese quesadilla could do so much damage? Unless it was in the water… (damn you Dr. Pepper with ice- I KNEW you’d be the death of me!).

We were down in San Francisco all weekend visiting with friends and family. Though it was a weekend bracketed by puke (John on Saturday, induced by a migraine, and me on Sunday), I think we all still had a good time.

Saturday had shopping and awesome Thai food. Sunday had a lovely park egg hunt for Cole and my nephew. Spencer was so excited about picking up eggs that, although we kept reminding him that he had to let Cole pick up a few, he just couldn’t help himself. It wasn’t that he was being greedy- he happily gave half of his eggs to Cole- he just thought that the fun was in the having, not in the finding. He thought that as long as Cole had an even amount that everything was okay. And heck, for a 5 year old? That’s gotta be pretty good. Cole did enjoy finding the eggs though. He was so excited about picking up the eggs and throwing them in his bucket that, when the eggs ran out, he switched to pine cones. What? They’re almost the same shape. Kind of.

So even a day of puke couldn’t really dampen a fantastic weekend filled with such good friends and family. We’re lucky people.

See- I can say that even after having to pay taxes today. (and OUCH!)