May 03 2007

Celebrity Look-alike

Is there a certain celebrity that people always tell you you look like? Because there is one that I have gotten SO. MANY. TIMES.

Here’s me:

Here’s the one I get:

Ann Hathaway. It could be a lot worse. I don’t really see that we’re that similar except that we both have dark hair and eyes. I won’t complain though.

So who’s yours?

May 02 2007

To steal an expression- GAH!

I’ve been back at work since Monday. Yeah, I know. I should have written. But let’s go over what has happened since then (don’t worry, it won’t take long):

  • Got back from week-long vacation.
  • Was notified that I would be changing jobs.
  • Effective immediately.
  • Got new position.
  • Moved offices.
  • Got SWAMPED.
  • Maybe cried just a tiny bit.
  • Got taken out to awkward lunch.
  • Food was not awkward, but very good.
  • Maybe cheered up because of yumminess just a tiny bit.
  • Until rainstorm hit and I was stupidly wearing flip-flops and husband forgot to bring my shoes and socks when he came back from lunch.

Anyway… I can’t really talk about my new position, in part because I’m not entirely clear about what it entails. It’s strange. I will say, however, that I’m not in danger of losing my job or anything like that. No fretting necessary. In fact, it may turn out to be a really great move for my “career.”

Vacation was nice. We got the yard more-or-less taken care of. We’re at least not the embarrassment of the neighborhood any longer. John was called back to work too often, though, so we didn’t get as much work done as we thought. My legs still think we did though, judging by the fact that they are STILL sore.

Cole and I had a great time together. It was terrifically difficult to take him back to daycare on Monday. He’s cried when I’ve dropped him off every day since.

My car has been acting up. Half of the time it will start, half of the time it won’t. We replaced the battery today just to see if that was the problem. I don’t know yet.

We went to the optometrist last Wednesday. My eyes are 200% worse than they were before. But, considering that my vision was nearly perfect before, 200% of not a lot is still not a lot. Nevertheless, I have to get glasses for distance vision for the first time in my life. I will finally be able to see sub-titles and road signs again.

I’ve been doing what feels like marathon bellydancing lately getting ready for the Karfluki music festival on Saturday. My shoulders are very sore. Cole and I are going to the festival without John, which should be interesting. We’ll be camping with my bellydance girls, so I know we’ll be safe at least. I know that John is looking forward to having some time to himself. He’ll probably read a book. Or fifty.

This festival is a great venue for our troupe already, but this year it is also a try-out for some huge festival or something. Apparently it’s very important. So important that our teacher won’t even tell us what it is because she doesn’t want us to get nervous. How is that supposed to make me less nervous, HUH?! Here’s how important it must be though- she will not let ANYONE dance who has been drinking AT ALL. That’s huge for our group. I mean, at our last performance, we danced one set, went out for Flying Saucer margaritas, and then danced our second set. Alcohol is almost always a part of performances, and it doesn’t seem to usually hurt us. Even I like to take a tiny little “courage” shot before going on. It makes my hips fly just that much faster. So…yeah. This must be the most important try-out of our lives!

I’m sure there’s more, but I’m wiped out. It’ll keep.