May 29 2007

Dollars vs Dignity

From Thursday night until Monday afternoon, Cole and I were at the Strawberry Music Festival. We had an awesome time, despite the following occurrences:

1) While Cole was in the midst of one of his worst hissy-fits ever, thrashing, screaming, and crying in my arms, a man came up really close to me and said “I saw you earlier and just wanted to come over and say ‘rraawr.’ You make me miss my kitty cat!” I gave him the look one would give a crazy, raving person and said “Greeaat…” Then he said “No, seriously. You look awesome.” Uh… thanks?

2) During an impromptu belly dance performance with two other women, two men came up and stuffed dollar bills in our belts. Perhaps you would say to that:”Yay! Money!”, but when the decision is $2 vs dignity, the money doesn’t really cut it. Add a zero or two and resist stuffing it in my clothes and we’ll talk. So- guy who tried to cop a feel by shoving dollars down my pants? Thanks for what I guess was a compliment, but no thanks. Also? You’re a cheap bastard.

3) Cole’s teeny, wittle, pweshus, baby hand got caught in the pop-up when we were folding it up and he is now sporting a nasty little bruise. My BAAAYYYBEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

So that was the kind of stinky stuff. The good stuff was that I got a lot of non-creepy compliments that really gave me a self-esteem turbo-boost. I also got to dance with two fantastic women and, hopefully, now have two new friends out of it. They live here in town, too! Cole got nice and filthy like a little kid should but avoided any trace of sunburn. Cole and I also went to a “Sing with me” workshop for infants and toddlers where we learned some new songs that he has been asking for over and over. If I can get him to perform them for the camera, I’ll post the video. ADORABLE.

The music was good, though I didn’t get to see as much of it as I would have liked. I did get to see most of Michael Franti with Spearhead which, though being very political reggae for the most part (which I don’t always like the best), was a lot of fun to dance to. I didn’t dare go up close because of the rabid fans who were practically throwing themselves at the stage, probably trying to lick Michael Franti. I get it- he’s hott, but I’ve never been a groupie like that.

Overall judgement: Good 4 day weekend!

How ’bout you?