Jun 19 2007

I am VERY important.

I wanted to show you all my brand new business card. I’m very excited because I’ve never had business cards before, especially ones that my company paid for (I think I probably drew a few for myself when I was a kid). These are so pretty and I really wanted to show them off and brag.

But then I realized that there were very few sections of my card that I could actually show and maintain my feeling of slight anonymity (HA!).

So, I present to you my internet safe card:

Isn’t it pretty?

Jun 19 2007

I’m a freak. Clearly.

When I got up this morning, I went, as usual, to the bathroom to pee before I got in the shower. When I got up from the toilet, I happened to glance in the bowl and had to do a double take. My pee had turned the toilet water a rosy-peach color.

I started thinking- what in the world could do that? It didn’t hurt to pee, so I doubt it’s a UTI or bladder infection. I didn’t eat or drink anything yesterday with lots of red 40 or something like that. So what the hell is going on?

Obviously, I came to the conclusion that I was dying, and spent my shower planning to call the doctor and composing my goodbye speeches to my loved ones.

It wasn’t until I was out of the shower and toweling off my hair that I realized that I had beets with dinner last night.


So how are you?