Jul 03 2007

We went to a completely lovely wedding last Saturday. The groom was Green Apron Monkey over there in my link list. I’ve known him since kindergarten. I think of him like family. The bride was the woman he chose after ignoring years of us trying to set him up. He’s a very patient man.

The wedding was held at the groom’s family home. For weeks before, friends had been coming from all over to help out on the weekends to get their property in shape enough to have roughly 120 people descend in one evening. They worked long, hard, hot hours, which sounds like a lot more fun than it was, I’m sure. But it was done because of the true friendship and love that this family inspires.

CAUTION- Hot men gardening!

And it was SO worth it. The transformation was astounding. I didn’t get many pictures, but really- you shoulda seen it before!

And that was the day before the wedding- it even got better.

So, of course, a pedicure was more than well deserved.

I was going to get one too, the first of my life, actually, but they were too busy and I had to pick up Cole. That’s alright- these ladies deserved the treat more.

The ceremony was beautiful. John was the best man and Cole was the ring bearer. I took Cole to the back of the aisle so that he could walk down by himself. He started yelling “Dada! Dada!” before we even got there. He got half way down the aisle, saw his grandfather (Pop) and cousin sitting there, screamed “POP!,” and ran to where my dad was sitting. Dad got him turned around and back down the aisle toward John, but Cole only took a few steps in that direction before he leaned forward, shook his hand in his daddy’s direction, said “No no no,” and dove back into the seats with his Pop. Everybody was cracking up and it was a nice bit of comic relief.

Other than that, there weren’t any hitches to speak of that I was aware of. Apparently the sister of the bride had some sort of meltdown, but she was kind enough to wait until we had left before she collapsed. Gosh- SOOOOO sorry I missed that…

But before that, there was a lot of really good food (all made by family), funky white guy dancing, good and funny but non-embarrassing toasts, belly dancing, fire spinning, and a tipsy bride singing all the lyrics to “Gangster’s Paradise” whilst club dancing in her beautiful white dress. Good times.

Cole gets jiggy wit it… or something.

To my newlywed friends- I wish you all the happiness in the world. We’re always here for you.

Oh, and Saturday was also our 6th wedding anniversary. Go us! Love you, baby!!