Jul 05 2007

Keep these to myself?

I could never. I think you’d all kill me.

Cole loves to “garden.” I love to let him get dirty like a kid should, I just don’t like having to wash the RED clay out of his clothes (tip: it doesn’t fucking come out. Don’t bother.).


He seems cool with it.

Jul 05 2007

Fourth of July

My darling husband just walked in with a huge latte and a delicious, fresh muffin. I held out my hands and accepted these offerings to my goddess-ness with a purr. I gazed lovingly at the top on my cup of milky, caffeinated beverage, then looked up into his sweet eyes and shouted “Why are there lip marks on this lid?!”


Yesterday was a really nice break. I got to sleep in (thank you, John- you’re stacking up the points, baby!), then, after a leisurely morning, spent the afternoon under a huge table umbrella in my parent’s pool. It was necessary to survival.

Later that evening, we made our way over to a friend’s house for a bbq potluck and bocce. We didn’t so much play bocce, though, as sit around with cold drinks and shoot the breeze. It was fine with me- the toddler makes actual play near impossible, anyway. Last time he was out on the court moving balls every time I put him down.

We neither saw nor heard a single firecracker, which is really alright with me. Especially with the kind of drought/fire season it looks like we’re headed into now. I could do without my house burning down right now. (Total side note: a local man recently burned down his house because he was trying to get rid of a wasp’s nest with a can of pledge and a lighter. The can caught on fire, he dropped it to the ground, couldn’t put it out, and it caught fire to the dead grass which then spread the fire to the house, burning it to the ground and almost taking the neighboring house with it. If only the genius had burned off his testicles, too- then he would have had a shot at an honorable mention in the Darwin Awards.)

Today feels weird. After a Wednesday that felt like a Saturday, I expected a Sunday, but instead get Thursday which really makes it feel like Monday. I’m not complaining that I got a day to sit on my ass in the pool and get paid for it, I’m just saying that it’s thrown my internal clock for a loop.

But I just have to get through the rest of this day and tomorrow and I’ll have two days to get back on schedule. Yay for a weekend without much to do!!

How was your Fourth? Safe and fun, I hope?