Jul 12 2007

Guts, Not Glory

Yes, I went to the doctor yesterday. Yes, I was made to feel like a bit of an ass ( no pun intended, seriously). Yes, I still came away with some of the things I wanted.

No, I still do not have a clear answer.

She told me (in her adorable, lispy, Russian accent) that there is a flurry of diagnoses for intestinal yeast infections right now, and that she seriously doubts each one. Just as doctors did a few years ago with IBS, they are now diagnosing anyone with this wide range of complaints with a yeast. Basically, it’s a fad. An illness fad. And I jumped right on. YEE-HAW! So that’s why I feel kinda dumb.

However, I’m not above doing just about anything to feel better. I’m sure that’s why other people have jumped on, too; because it sucks feeling this way and we feel like there must be some explanation and cure out there if we could only just get the right diagnosis.

So I will go through the “treatment” for the yeast, mostly because it absolutely won’t hurt me. It consists of taking live pro-biotics, capsules of fish-oil, and a change/modification of diet. I have to cut way down on sugars, gluten, whole grains, dairy, and carbs. I have to increase my veggies and keep my protein and good fat levels about where they are. I have to continue to improve my water intake.

Basically, I eat really well and take some totally harmless junk for my gut. Then wait and see how I feel.

And if I happen to lose 10 pounds while I’m at it, so be it.

I can do that.

(Almost total aside- did you know that they are now connecting milk allergies (which more people have than realize it) to osteoporosis? It seems that the calcium grabs important minerals from the bones on it’s way through and strips them, doing more damage than good. As a non milk drinker (read MILK HATER TO THE MAXXX), I find this very validating. As the mother of a milk LOOOOOOVER, I am concerned.)