Jul 13 2007


We’ve gotten to the point in Cole’s verbal development where he wants to know names for things. I also now correct him when he has used the wrong name for something.

I am a shy person about my body most of the time, but I refuse to hide in my own home around John and Cole. Though I would prefer that nobody see me ever, I know that’s not possible and I also don’t want to give Cole the same attitude about his body. So I try to be… relaxed, I guess, but not flagrant by any means.

Recently, Cole was cuddling in bed with me and John and started laughing and poking my boob, which is really a bit too much for me, but I tried to just kind of ignore it. But when he stared calling it “belly,” I had to step in and correct him. However, I wasn’t really digging most of my choices, which broke down to roughly the following: 1) “Breast” (it just seems too… clinical or something); 2) Some kind of slang like “boobie” or “tit”- all seemed unseemly for an innocent little baby-buddha to be saying, plus the idea of having him grab me in the supermarket and holler “BOOB!” (I’m lookin’ at you, Hannah!) was not terrifically appealing; 3) go with “nursie,” which is what my sister used, but just didn’t seem right considering that I wasn’t able to nurse him that way for long; or 4) Other- uuummmm, yeah.

So what came out of my mouth when I corrected him, and what has stuck, was “baba.” That is (sadly) what he calls his bottles, it’s kind of like “boob,” but not embarrassing, and it’s really more the function they served. And, if he ever hollers it in the supermarket, hopefully no one will know that he means my boob and not an actual bottle.

Maybe not perfect, but, if put on the spot, what would you have done? No really- what?