Jul 23 2007


Saturday was our 10 year high school reunion. No, we didn’t go. Who do you think I am? Like, social or something? Pssht!

Instead, we celebrated by doing what we were probably doing during our Senior Prom (which we also didn’t go to). No! Not THAT! You dirty minded so-and-sos…

We played D&D; (yup- that’s Dungeons and Dragons…). Until 2am. Of course, this time I took care of a very pesky bottle of wine that had been eying me sideways-like all afternoon. I didn’t do any of that stuff in high school (I was really, disgustingly good in high school).

We had a great time (or I did, at least, but maybe that was the wine’s influence). We ate repulsive amounts of “Natural” (therefore HEALTHY!!!) cheese-poof-thingys because we just couldn’t stop eating until the bag was gone. We made really stupid jokes and laughed at each other’s stupid jokes. I laughed at my own stupid jokes, but that’s usually the case. I’m also usually the only one laughing.

I has a lot of fun, and I can’t imagine a more appropriate way to spend a reunion. Of course, I may be trying to justify our choice not to go when actually we just didn’t have the $80 plus the cost of a babysitter that it would have taken to be able to go.

Nah- it was just more fun than a reunion could ever be. And I didn’t even have to put on makeup!