Jul 31 2007

Water Baby

Last week, our daycare lady gave Cole this cute little Cozy Coop pool toy. We couldn’t go to my parent’s house until the weekend, so this sat, all inflated, in our house for a few days. Every day Cole would find it and attempt to play with it on the floor, and every day he had a fit when I would take it away so that he wouldn’t pop it before we got a chance to put it in the pool.

So imagine my surprise when we finally got it in the pool and he threw a screaming hissy when we put him in it.
Damn, but that boy was in a foul mood. We really couldn’t figure out what the problem was, but it may have been that the leg holes were not big enough for his thoroughly nibble-able thighs.

After we (sort of ) got a clue and perched him on top of the leg holes, he decided that maybe the toy was okay and it possibly made it all the way to fun.

(Somewhat of a side- when did he get so big? He’s supposed to be 21 months, but I swear from these pictures you’d think I had a 4 year old!)

(Okay, so maybe I exaggerate, what with the chubbo thighs and elbow dimples he’s still sporting, but, well… y’know.)

Last night he discovered the ultimate funny of the face-on-shower-door-smoosh. Ahhh… I recall those days. Good times, good times…

Okay, yes- I did it last night too. How do you think he “discovered” it?
But anyway, still hilarious.

I was laughing so hard and taking so many pictures that he got tired of the game before I did (a toddler got tired of a repetitive game before me? I have serious problems…). I kind of ignored his requests to be taken out of the tub, and instead tried to interest him in the face-smoosh game some more. He was having none of it.

Get me out of this bath, for I am PRUNEY!

That’s it, woman. I’m climbing.