Aug 06 2007


We had a busy weekend, but a good one.

On Saturday, we went to the closest city that’s big enough to rate a mall around here and went shopping at the used book store, the fabric store, and Target. I got some awesome material for some new fish-pants and a couple of fall skirts and I got Cole some fall clothing staples, a pattern for a halloween costume, and a couple of movies (Curious George, Muppets In Space, and Bug’s Life). It’s both sad and charming, I like to think, when we can get so excited about a trip to Target.

That evening we had a brief torture-fest known as “The (Company name) Company 2007 Picnic!” We went to a minor-league baseball game, stood in the sun for obscene amounts of time, and ate horrible food. We left really early.

THEN we went home and had a geek-fest, staying up until 1:30 playing D&D; again. It’s so much more fun as an adult!! We make MUCH better jokes now! And can drink!

And on Sunday, Cole slept for about 3.5 hours. John and I decided to try to nap about 1/2 hour into it and so each got almost 3 hours of sleep. It was blissful…

And then, at 9:15 that night, I finally finished patching the wall that had been sporting a hole from the door-knob since we moved in. SO.PRODUCTIVE. AND AWESOME. In fact, now it starts me thinking on the other home improvement tasks I’d like to conquer. Like new fixtures and a ceiling fan and painting and re-flooring and completely ripping out the back “yard” and starting over…

This is getting dangerous. And expensive. I should just sit down, watch a movie, and have a beer. If I get any more “productive” we’ll end up with debt that will last forever. John should thank me for sitting on my ass, really.

Hey Cole! Will you bring Mama a beer?

Aug 06 2007


HOLY.SHIT. You have to see this.


(Thanks to Fraulein N for the link)