Aug 21 2007


In a short time, John, Cole, and I will be traveling to Humboldt, from where John and I graduated college and lived for about 6 years. We will be visiting some lovely friends and their two delicious children. We are VERY excited, both to be seeing our friends again and to be seeing the place again. This will be the first time we’ll have been back since we left in 2003.

So- to the point. Though we are very excited, we are also dreading this trip hideously. You see, Humboldt is roughly an 8 hour car ride away from where we live now. And Cole is roughly 22 months old.

How the fuck are we going to survive 8 hours trapped in a car with a totally pissed-off (almost) 2 year old? Really- any, ANY suggestions are welcome.

And, maybe it’s bad that I’m asking but- is it wrong to drug your child for the good of the rest of the family?