Aug 28 2007

Maybe it was funnier then because I couldn’t laugh out loud…

Oh! HEE! I totally forgot to tell you!!

At that stupid “Economic Summit” that I went to last week (where all of the politicians and politicians dressed as “public-school-board-officials” (fuckers) spoke only to further their own agendas and have yet another way to cram their politi-speak down our throats) there was one speaker who just made me giggle. Non-stop. Because I’m still in high-school.

No, it wasn’t what he was saying. It was (HEE!) his name (HEEHEE!): Victor Mow. He’s the (HEE!) CHAIRMAN of the Board of Supervisors.

(HEEHEE!!) Chairman Mow. HEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

(Well it’s funny to me!)