Sep 05 2007

We’re Ba-aaack!

Actually, we were back on Monday night, but the first day back after an extended vacation does not make for the best day to blog. Also, the internet was down.

Anyway, I don’t have much more time today, but I wanted to make sure to get a huge THANK YOU on here to the wonderful family who hosted us up in Humboldt. A tip for all of the rest of you out there: if you are going on vacation and staying at somebody’s house instead of a hotel? Make sure that person could open up their very own gourmet restaurant at any minute, they cook so well. It makes for a thoroughly enjoyable stay. I’m just afraid that we made pigs of ourselves. (Sorry guys! We’ll make it up to you somehow!)

We had a fantastic time. Cole and I got to snuggle every morning, we checked out cool toy stores, Cole got to play with other kids’ awesome toys (thanks, Hannah and Jonah for sharing with us!), and Cole got to visit the ocean for really the first time. I think he fell in love just a little.

(Ignore the terrible collage-making skillz and the even worse clip-on glasses. I know, really.)

And we discovered a new talent:

Cole- Live at Gepetto’s from Heels and Vimeo.