Sep 11 2007


  • I haven’t been posting because 1) I’m freakin busy, 2) I don’t know what to write about, and 3) It’s really painful to look at the computer screen. It also makes me nauseous sometimes.
  • Do you know of any cure for or reason why looking at the computer screen is so painful/nausea inducing?
  • I broke out my guitar because I’ve been obsessing about KT Tunstall lately. I realized that the strings on my guitar were the original ones from when I purchased the guitar when I was about 13. They weren’t exactly staying in tune so well anymore, and they weren’t looking very nice, either. Playing left me with tarnished fingers. So I bought new strings (Elixers) and my new (though it feels like I’ve known her forever, too) friend Casey put them on for me last night. New, shiny strings+lesson on re-stringing guitars that I should have had 15 years ago+new friend+dinner experiment that turned out right=good night.
  • I’ve been having a weird, throbby pain in my right lower abdomen area for the last few days. Any guesses?
  • Cole was in last night’s local paper on the front page! A star is born!
  • I got to see my sister and nephew over last weekend. It’s always nice to see them, but I don’t feel like we really get to talk when she’s here. We both have our boys to take care of and our own things to do. I hope someday we’ll have a closer relationship. I actually like her, despite her being related to me!
  • I’m starting the planning for Cole’s birthday party now. I always want to do more than is really possible with the resources we have. I should learn to just keep it simple. Apparently I am not a fast learner.
  • People can be so strange. Maybe that didn’t really need noting.
Sep 11 2007

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