Sep 14 2007

I Don’t Get It.

I don’t have tv. I mean, I have A tv on which to watch netflix and such, but we don’t get any channels. Not a one. Unless you count snow.

So I didn’t see Britney and knew nothing about the VMAs until WELL after the rest of the world probably. Until yesterday when I caught the video here on the good ol’ internets.

And I started thinking: that’s FAT? Seriously? I mean, if she’s fat, then I’m OBESE. But I’m NOT obese; in fact, not even overweight according to my BMI. How in the world could anyone think that Britney is fat?

I’m not a Britney fan. I never have been. I’ve never found her to be especially attractive and I still don’t. The biggest problem with her performance (which I watched without sound- a surreal experience, let me tell you) was that she looked like a scared and awkward teenager pretending to have it all together. It was totally uncomfortable. Even the audience looked uncomfortable and confused. I’ve read that people were even laughing at her, but I didn’t hear it so I don’t know. She also got seriously bad advice from a member of her entourage who must have convinced her that she really did look hott in those undies, which she doesn’t, but not because she’s fat, which she isn’t. Honestly- I was glued to the screen looking for jiggles and, besides those associated with her being a WOMAN, they just aren’t there!

Others have written about this better than I have: Her Bad Mother and Rock Star Mommy, to name two.

To summarize: Britney=Crazy? Probably Yes. Britney=Fat? Hell no. Media=Really Sick and Dangerous? Hell Fucking Yes.