Oct 10 2007

Am Easily Amused.

I came upon this in the supply room today and it made me laugh, so I had to take a picture of it:

What? You can’t see what’s funny about a chair in a box from Staples? A closer look then:


Oct 10 2007

The answer to your burning question!

Cole is going to be a dragon for Halloween this year. Despite originally wanting to sew his costume myself, I decided to actually LEARN from the past for once and save my sanity (as well as keep my neck from being constantly cramped and contorted) by just buying the damn thing. And really, I think that’s worth $17.

Unfortunately for you all, I’m going to make you wait until Halloween to see his complete preciousness when he’s in his costume. He totally digs it. I’m telling you, you CAN NOT wait.