Oct 12 2007

How Can This Be Possible?

I was going to write a post, but then I read this, and… oh hell… I just can’t think of anything else. Don’t read it unless you’re okay with being sad and outraged. If you’re not saddened and outraged by it? You probably don’t need to bother coming around here anymore.

With all of the unbelievable and obvious child abuse and neglect that I’ve seen in my life, I absolutely can’t believe how a caring family who HASN’T BEEN ABUSING THEIR CHILD can be targeted like this. How can my husband have lived through how he was treated as a child without being taken away, but this baby is no longer with his parents? He’s 12 weeks old! Who is going to be better for him than his NON-ABUSIVE PARENTS?

I’m just sick about it.