Oct 15 2007

Sometimes The Old Toys Are The Best Toys.

Can you tell what Cole got for his birthday? His birthday that isn’t until the 25th?

Look Mom- it levitates!

I really did try to wait until his actual birthday to give this to him (I’m notorious for not being able to stand it and giving presents a few minutes after I’ve purchased them), but he caught a glimpse of its eyes as it was riding in the front seat of the car (where I was SURE it was hidden from his view) and he promptly declared it to be Melmo. He was so insistent that I show him Melmo that I had to give it to him and show him that it was not, in fact, Melmo, Mr. Smartypants, but this guy.

I guess I could have then put it away when we got home, but what’s the point? He might as well get lots of use out of it while he still wants to.

Of course, he also wants help, which somewhat negates its usefulness as “a toy that might buy me even a couple of minutes by myself to start dinner.”

“Mo-ooom! Heeeeellllllp!

I was possibly less than actually helpful.

But we still had fun!HAAAAAAAAAAA!
Oct 15 2007

The Second Thing.

Today is Blog Action Day, where bloggers around the world are all thinking and writing about one thing: the environment. Though I’m all for this idea, I’m not really sure what to write about.

I don’t really have a pet-peeve when it comes to the environment. In general, I just try to be conscious of what I’m consuming and why, which I have found to be the best way that I can contribute. I don’t normally bag my produce in separate plastic baggies. I like to use reusable storage containers. I recycle. I re-use paper towels when possible. I bought a car with good emissions and gas mileage. I try not to use more water than necessary. I try not to buy bottled water and, when I do, I buy a big bottle instead of lots of little ones. I try to remember to take my re-usable bags to the store. When I do get plastic grocery bags, I re-use them. I don’t take more napkins than I need. I rarely use disposable dishes or utensils.

There are so many little things that we can do to reduce and reuse. I try to do as much as I can. But what do you think? Do these things help? Do they make a difference? What else could I do (and please note- the above is not a comprehensive list!)? What do you do?

Oct 15 2007

The First Thing.

I have two things to write about today, and both seem a little heavy for this early on a Monday morning.

The first is this whole health care for children issue (the State Children’s Health Insurance Program) for which Bush just vetoed the funding. Read about it here. If you’re not pissed off about this, why not? I think you can probably guess my feelings, but I’ll give you the tiniest glimpse anyway.

I find it to be TOTALLY reprehensible that we continue to spend money on this dumb-shit war, and are considering expanding to Iran (when we can’t even take care of the soldiers who are there now or the veterans from every war we’ve been in in the past(that would still be living, of course)), but we can’t spend a little money at home to take care of KIDS. Why are we out there “protecting American freedom” when our AMERICAN CITIZENS are living in poverty without proper food, housing, or medical care. Let’s look to our own country and our own citizens before we start trying to “solve” the problems of other countries. I’m all for being a world citizen, but not at the expense of our own.

I know first hand how scary it is to not have money but need to see a doctor, and I certainly have had it easy. I remember being 25, in a new city, with no job, and realizing that something was happening to me (which turned out to be shingles) and I needed to see a doctor. The only one I could find that would even accept me without insurance charged me $75 to look at me for a second, say “yah- that’s probably shingles”, and give me a prescription for something that , had I been pregnant like I thought I was, would have caused me to miscarry or for my baby to have been born with serious defects. He didn’t give a shit.

Now imagine if it was you, or your child, who didn’t have insurance. Your son falls from the bars at school and breaks his arm. Your baby daughter is up all night wailing and you have NO IDEA what’s wrong. But taking them to the doctor is not an option because you have no insurance and the doctor’s visit will cost more than you actually have and you’d rather be able to feed them this month.

And you work, so you don’t qualify for the need-based aid, yet you don’t make nearly enough to cover insurance or paying out of pocket.

This happens, and more often than I think many people realize. And it’s revolting and shameful that our president could veto money that would help these people. These children.

Even with insurance, we pay $30 every time we step foot in a doctor’s office. That’s after the $217 per month that we pay just to have Cole in the program. And we’re the lucky ones, because John and I both work here and both have our premiums paid by the company. We’re insanely lucky.

I’m so riled up about this that I can’t really structure this post any more. I’ll just end with this: Bush doesn’t just hate black people, as Kanye West informed us; he hates children. Let’s hope that House Democrats and Republicans care about Americans and children a little more than the President, who I’d say is the Devil himself, except I don’t think he’s smart enough.