Nov 20 2007

Hard Core

I managed something last night that I did not actually think was possible.

I gave myself a crocheting related injury. I am a casualty of crafting.

I was playing a game with Cole where he would take my crochet hook away from me and then I would pull it out of his hands and start working again. (Yes, it was really a game and he was laughing his tiny, squooshy butt off.) The last time I took it away (because I’m not SO dumb that I can’t ever learn from my experiences), he held on just a little tighter and I managed to hook a huge chunk of flesh right out of my thumb.


It still hurts and I don’t have anyone to kiss my boo-boo.

Nov 20 2007


This morning, in the car, on our way to daycare:

(Cole is in backseat playing with his Lightening McQueen and Mater cars.)
Cole: McQueen goes CRASH! (Crashing cars together.)
Me: McQueen crashed?
Cole: No, McQueen! No hitting! Not nice!

I’m glad to see that he listens once in a while.

Nov 19 2007

Little Latin Loopy Loo

My back has been threatening me with total annihilation for the past week and a half. This morning it finally slammed the pain button all the way down. I made it through the morning unassisted, but this afternoon I have called upon the powers of prescription medication and have dipped into my stock of 90 89 88 Vicodin. I’m looped, and in a much less fun way than I hoped. I’m dizzy, stupid, and vaguely nauseous. I’m listening to Pandora Radio (Cherry Poppin’ Daddies’ Brown Derby Jump, at the moment. Did I ever tell you how I saw them live? And the dance floor was, I think literally, the size of a fucking postage stamp and we were attempting to swing dance but kept body slamming everyone and it’s probably the closest I’ve ever come to bing in a mosh pit and it was really less than fun which makes me wonder why in fuck anyone ever WILLINGLY joined a mosh pit unless they were trying to find an “acceptable” way to punch the shit out of the people around them, which now occurs to me may have been the whole goddamn point and I have just never been violent enough to get it. But there was seriously not enough alcohol in the establishment to help me enjoy that particular dancing experience, especially considering that I was underage and straight-edge at the time, anyway. But the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, despite their awful name, were good.) and trying to not keel right the fuck over under my desk. I could easily sleep the rest of the afternoon away if it wasn’t for the whole being at work part of this bullshit equation. Oh right- and my chiropractor is out of the office all this week, of course, it being the week of Thanksgiving. All I need now is to get a UTI and my holiday will be complete.

Ooh- Stray Cats on now. I might get to see Lee Rocker in a couple of weeks. Maybe I can make up for all the times I’ve either not been able to dance or been too goddamn chicken. Whattya say? You all want to come out with me? What if I bring my Vicodin? For me- not for you. You are awesome already. You have no need for my drugs.

Hee- now the song is “Wanna Make Love (Come Flick my Bic)” by Sun off of their album Funkgasm. Dude- Pandora is so sweet.

Nov 16 2007

And this is pretty cool.

And I’ve been obsessed with this ALL day.

I totally have songs for next year’s Fade to Black show, unless someone else does a show that I like better and invites me along…

One can hope, anyway.

Nov 16 2007

I don’t have much to say today. Host server was down again yesterday, the buggers. Um… I had a veggie pot pie for lunch- yum. Having some folks over tonight- yay!



*checks fingernails*

Have I ever told y’all how much Cole loves mariachi music on my clock-radio? Well, he does. A lot.

Okay then…

Have a great weekend!!

Nov 14 2007

No really- LOTS of OCD to go around!

I’m still not sure about the shingles. I can’t see that part of my back and so I must rely on a certain male person to tell me what it looks like.

“A.. A.. A.. ROBOTCHA! Ee go rrroooaaarrr! Ike DAT!”

Oh wait- that was Cole telling us about the robots on his shirt today. John sounds more like this: “Uhh… it’s kinda red… Maybe broken blood vessels? It looks kinda better than before. I’m not sure. I guess we just have to wait.”


Anyway, not sure. The end.

(Or is it….? WoooOOoooOooooo)

Consequently, I am on a crafting bender. I am knitting a hat, investigating “felting” (which, in my sick little head, sounds like a really dirty term), and getting ready to start a massive crochet project. We have no money for christmas presents? LET’S KNIT!!!

I hope our friends are into handmade. Maybe I should start an Etsy store

(How do you NOT love Etsy?)

Any requests?

Nov 14 2007

I just realized today that I have been at this job as long as I have been at any other job. If I continue the way I’ve been going I will soon be at this job for far longer than I’ve ever held any other job. It’s a strange thing, because I’ve always gotten to this point in other jobs and started to feel very restless and in need of a change. This job, however, I can see myself doing for… well, a long time more. It may only be 5 years, it may be another 30. I like it, I’m comfortable, I’m challenged enough to keep it interesting, I like the hours, and the pay isn’t bad. If I can’t have a job that I absolutely love and look forward to every day, I think this might be the next best.

The job I still want the most is “Stay-At-Home-Mom,” but that’s not going to happen. Neither is being paid to stay at home and garden, sew, paint, or watch movies. Compared to a lot of people, I think I have it pretty good in the job department.

How about you? Do you like your job? What’s your dream job?

Nov 13 2007

Come on in! OCD is free at the door!

Things I am obsessing about today:

  1. Knitting
  2. Shingles

At least, that’s all that I feel comfortable taking about.

I started obsessing about knitting (again) when I realized that Cole’s christmas hats don’t fit him anymore. I used to knit a lot, especially in elementary school, so I know enough to kind of start stuff but I’m not exactly “skilled.” I found a knitting pattern online (plus the decoder- have you ever SEEN a knitting pattern? They’re so confusing at first!), but I didn’t pay enough attention (duh) and the piece I started last night I finally ripped out again because it was too small. I mean WAY too small. It might have fit around my ankle. I think I might hit the local knitting store for some tips tonight.

Shingles. WELL. I have had shingles twice before. Once they went through the full progression and once I caught it early and took the medication to make them a lot more mild. It still hurt that second time, but it wasn’t NEARLY as bad. The first time was one of the most painful experiences of my life. Drug-free childbirth didn’t even come CLOSE. So, when I felt a little bump on the back of my ribs this morning, and then noticed the area getting sore and red, I started to freak just a bit. I’m still worried. It hasn’t progressed enough for me to be sure that it is shingles, but I’m really not sure that it’s not. You have to catch shingles in the first three days to be able to take the medication that restricts it, so I don’t have much time. I think I’m justifiably freaked out. The other complication, if it is shingles, is that I’ll be contagious to anyone who hasn’t had chickenpox (I’d give them chickenpox, not shingles). Meaning that I’d be contagious to COLE, the boy who hasn’t had (and will NOT have) the chickenpox vaccine.

Early Thanksgiving break, anyone?

But I DON’T want that. I’m not of the opinion that he should get chickenpox, I just believe that the vaccine is stupid and harmful.

It’s a waiting game. I’m impatient. Bad combination.

At least if we get sick I’ll have lots of time to knit.

Nov 12 2007

Saturday Night.

So… The performance went really well! Thanks to my husband, who put the song (Danny Diamond by The Squirrel Nut Zippers) on his mp3 player and lent it to me, and to James Brown whose fine, soothing tones were also on there, I managed to calm down by about 45 minutes before I went on. Seriously- James Brown was the medicine I needed. About 10 minutes before I went on, I turned to my instructor, who just happened to be standing there, and said “I just really need to learn to not take myself so goddamn seriously.” She said “Yeah. You do.” And it’s the truth.

So I went out there and shook my stuff. I got no whistles or other encouragement that I could hear during the performance, but the applause started before the song was totally finished and (as my Mom tells it!) was the loudest of the night (to that point). All I remember was thinking “what’s that roaring sound?” only to realize that it was applause just as I was leaving the stage. I didn’t really take my chance to bathe in it. Oh well.

There were some AWESOME performances by other women. One kept a grin of fantastic joy on my face the ENTIRE time she danced. I am still so proud of her. For each of us it was the first time we’d chanced a solo outside of class and she fucking ROCKED it. It was a beautiful thing. The fact that she’s hot didn’t hurt!

It was a pretty good experience, overall, and I’m letting it carry me as much as possible through today. I’m feeling hit from a few sides today and I’m desperately trying to keep the mope-ies and jealous-green-meanies away. With limited success.

I wish I could show you pictures, but my mother didn’t tell me she had forgotten her camera until after my performance when the fact that I had a camera mere feet away became a totally moot point. I’m hoping that maybe someone else took pictures and might share them with me. I also am pretty sure that there will be a video which I may or may not be able to share (or want to!).

Actually, I lied a little. I do have this picture of after, but you can’t really see my costume, only my cover-up wrap.

I post this despite potentially incurring the wrath of my sister who, in her defense, was totally trashed after a night of doing shots. She usually looks much better than I do. Take a moment to notice how different we are, even though we are full sisters. Now try to figure out why people have asked us if we are twins or mistaken us for each other more times than I can count. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway… now, as a FULLY PROFESSIONAL belly dancer, all that remains is for me to find a troupe to perform with. Because a single successful performance makes me Ready, right? So give me a call! I will promise to do my best to keep my neurosis in check, I swear.

Why are you laughing? Stop that! Stop right this instant!!

Nov 09 2007

For once I kind of wish it wasn’t Friday.

Today I am writing copy for an ad in the program for a local theatre’s holiday play and creating a post-card mailer for our services in complying with new Department of Homeland Security regulations.

I have a weird job.

I have my costume finished for the performance this weekend, but I’m still scared shitless. No- literally. I’ve been running to the bathroom every time I think about it, which is often. I totally understand now why people who have had their home broken into also often find a pile of poo on the floor. Really, the thief can’t help it.

So yah- I feel SEXY, baby!

My costume more or less turned out how I wanted. My choreography is another matter. I have a funny habit of doing my choreography in my head instead of dancing it and THEN writing it. I was feeling pretty confident about it until I tried to dance it last night. For the first time. I had practiced PLENTY in my seat while driving but, oddly enough, that turns out to not be the same as REAL dancing. Who knew?

I’m having to make some changes to my routine and I’m afraid that I won’t have enough real dancing time before the performance to get the old (physically impossible, it turns out) routine out of my head and the new one in. It has to be FIRMLY implanted for me to remember when the lights come up and I’m frozen in the glare off of hundreds of staring eyes.

(Okay- maybe not hundreds. But you know how the camera adds 10 pounds? Stage lights add a hundred viewers. Minimum.)

At this point there are only two things comforting me: 1) I saw last year’s performances and I may be near the bottom but I am not AT it; and 2) My son will love me no matter what. He’s not going to see it!

I’m taking a bottle of champagne for after it’s over.