Nov 01 2007

You Know You’re Obsessed With Lolcats When…

You can’t help but do this:

when you see pictures of your delicious baby boy.

It’s a sickness. Send cocktails.

(I know- they’re not even funny! Yet I’m still sitting here laughing. Maybe it’s one of those “it’s only that funny because you can’t laugh out loud” kind of things. I just don’t trust my judgment anymore.)

Nov 01 2007


I went and did it. I’m a goddamn idiot.

I know that, based on their rules, I will fail. I am not able to post on weekends. But I will try to make up for it by posting two extra times during the week. This may not happen during Thanksgiving time, as I will be computerless then, as well. We’ll see.

So- have you joined? Are you a fucking lemming like me? Won’t you come along? Misery loves company.

Nov 01 2007


I can’t fully commit to NaBloPoMo because if I officially participate then I will immediately feel pressured and run out of things to say. I know myself well enough. I will TRY to post every (week)day, but I’m not actually participating! Let’s make that completely clear!

I am, however, participating in NoBloShoeMo, which is TOTALLY the kind of daily posting I can (ever so lazily) get behind. Upload photo and add to Flickr group? I can do that! Check out shoes from all over the globe? I can TOTALLY do that! So I’m doing it.

Today’s “gem”:
I always HATE how chunky my calves look in pictures, but I love these boots. I love them even more because they were a present, and shoes that I don’t have to pay for always beat the stitching out of the ones I do.

And for even more “Things You Care About,” we had a nice, quiet Halloween. Cole had two tiny bags of candy and, inexplicably, refused any more. Whatever- more for me! I mean… Good- he’s healthier for it! I wouldn’t have guessed earlier in the evening, as this was more indicative of his attitude:


What?! More Candy?!

Despite his minimal consumption, the poor little booger has a sugar-sore on his widdle, baby tongue. I guess I should have given him more sugar earlier in life to toughen him up in preparation for Halloween. I mean, what kid of mine can’t even last through a single round of the Sugar Fight (aka the “Good Fight”)? Damn me and my insistence that he eat healthy foods. I thought I was helping him leave room for when it came to the REAL battle, but instead I just made him weak. We will need to do some SERIOUS training before next year. Excuse me while I go clean out the stores of all their discounted candy.