Nov 02 2007

Day 2

I’m not sure if my page is even view-able right now. I certainly can’t get to it. But I’m going to honor the commitment I made to post every day even if it doesn’t show up.

I’m beat today. Just exhausted. I could fall asleep now. I was in meetings all morning and I’ve been working non-stop (except for now!) on a single project all afternoon. It’s ridiculous.

So, as much as I would like to have some lovely pearls of thinky-goodness up here today, its just not happening.

I am trying to decide (yet AGAIN) whether to redesign this site. I’m bored with it a little. I’ve done some sketch-ups, but I’d like to know: what do you like to see in blog designs? Cool mastheads that change frequently? Fancy graphic artwork? Lots of links? Info on the blogger? Or is it really all about the writing and you read from the feed-reader anyway so who cares?

C’mon- make my afternoon. Nobody comments anymore.

(Including me! Whoops! I’ll TOTALLY try to do better next week!)