Nov 05 2007


I’ve always loved diving… watching it, anyway.

Nov 05 2007

So, So Cool.


Nov 05 2007

Isn’t it OBVIOUS that we’re Californians?

He’s a tree-hugger already…

Nov 05 2007

The first weekend of NaBloPoMo and…

So, apparently unprepared for the ONSLAUGHT of blog posts, our host’s server crashed. My Friday post disappeared and I couldn’t post over the weekend. Actually, maybe I could have eventually, but there were some other pesky interferences such as:

  • My father-in-law being admitted to the ICU with the worst strain of pneumonia. His blood oxygen level (which should be at about 98 or so) was down to around 84 and his heart rate was up at 140 resting. Yeah- bad. He’s been a pack-a-day smoker for… who the hell knows how long and his lungs just couldn’t take it. He’s been on an oxygen mask since Saturday morning, being pumped full of antibiotics, saline, and potassium. He’s recovering, but still not able to be released.
  • My son being a sugar-fiending stink pot. Man, was he a DEVIL this weekend.
  • My husband needing to dig fence post holes between trips to the hospital to visit his dad. Even with gloves his hands got so torn up.
  • My HUGE belly dance performance being THIS WEEKEND and my costume hardly started. Fuck. I’m panicking. Anybody want to come to Central CA for a belly dance show? I can’t guarantee a stellar show (I haven’t seen anyone else’s performance) but mine will include fishnets.
  • Three loads of dishes, five loads of laundry. We had some catching up to do.

So yeah- posting that doesn’t clean my house, take care of my son or FIL, build my fence, make any money, or sew my costume? Didn’t get done.

But I mostly blame the server.