Nov 07 2007

Ksnerfle? Wha?

I only have a half-day here at work today. My daycare lady had to take her husband to the VA hospital about 3 hours away because his foot isn’t getting any better. My mother is taking care of Cole this morning, but she’s busy this afternoon. I’ll get to have him at home with me while I obsess and freak out about not yet having my costume done for my solo on Saturday. If I just had that done, I would feel SO much better. As it is, every time I think about it I feel like I should run to the bathroom. Composure? Not so much today. Or the rest of the week, probably.

John and I are in the process of evaluating some things concerning our blogs. There may be some big changes in the next few months. Again- what would you like to see? Not see?

(Yes, I know- you’re sick of the pink. Fine. Me too.)

Anyway… WOO! Um, yeah. Bye.