Nov 08 2007

Oohhhhh Fuck.

Goodbye, French Fries. I loved you well…

Nov 08 2007

Bathtub Gin

How to in… hell, I’m too drunk to count… many steps:

1. Get yourself a cup of gin.

2. Add some vermouth. Careful- not too much!
3. Oh- too much vermouth? Just pour some back- we replaced the vermouth with gin years ago anyway.
4. That went down smooth! What? Gone already?

5. Clearly- only use for tiny cup is silly hat.
5. Get a bigger cup of gin.

12. We finished again? We are the silliest sillys, aren’t we? Sillys…

8015. Get a bigger cup of gin. Hehehehehehheehehehe!!!!!!!!!!! SILLY!!!!!!
34. Just when you think that maybe there is such a thing as too much gin…

953. Take a break and contemplate the sheer genius that is the Silly Hat.
3432. Share your silly hat for grins!

498. And get a bigger cup of gin. Pants are now optional.
249794. Too big to handle? FUGGIT- Drink right outta the bottle! You’ll finish it anyway!!

@#$(823. WHEEEEE!!! TRICKS!!

#*3497. Don’t go too far with the tricks. You’re bound to get sloppy and waste some gin.
9347(&@. And never forget to save some for mama. She obviously needs it.